OpenAI just launched ChatGPT Edu as a version for universities

ChatGPT on tablet

OpenAI has announced a version of ChatGPT especially designed for universities. This is ChatGPT Edu, which includes access to the company’s latest AI model. In addition, it is customizable to adapt to specific goals or areas.

Many services have versions for the university or educational field in general. So, it is striking that OpenAI has taken so long to offer a ChatGPT focused on this segment. However, better late than never. In this case, the company seems to have pressed the right buttons when it comes to implementing AI in educational environments.

ChatGPT Edu seeks to boost the implementation of AI in universities

First, ChatGPT Edu is powered by the latest GPT-4o model from OpenAI. This is much more capable than previous versions. It shows greater efficiency and “intelligence” when interpreting all types of data, and even coding or solving mathematical exercises. The message limit is also much higher compared to the ChatGPT free tier.

One of the most interesting perks of ChatGPT Edu is how adaptable it is. According to the company, universities can take the model and train it with their own data according to what they require. So, the service can be “specialized” in specific areas that are familiar with the educational environment of the institution. For example, language schools could train the chatbot to specialize in having conversations with their students that help them practice and learn.

Another key point of the ChatGPT version for universities is privacy. OpenAI states that the processed data will not be used to train the models they release to the general public.

It’s noteworthy that there were already universities using ChatGPT. However, they resorted to the “Enterprise” version. In fact, this was the reason that led OpenAI to develop Edu. Now, there is a powerful AI model with capabilities that are especially focused on the needs of educational environments.

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