OSIM intros new AI-boosted gaming & massage chairs at CES 2024

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OSIM is yet another company that is using AI to improve its products. OSIM just announced its new gaming and massage chairs at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. There are three products here in total.

The company says that it’s using “AI, machine learning and data-driven insights” to make these new products better. All that is utilized so that the new products can do a better job of measuring and monitoring your health, and help you relax.

OSIM has introduced new gaming & massage chairs at CES

The products in question are the uLove 3 Well-Being Chair, the uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair, and a DIY Massage Chair. OSIM’s Well-Being app is also playing a role in all this. Let’s talk a bit more about these products, shall we?

The OSIM uLove 3 Well-Being Chair doesn’t have the most fortunate name, it’s a mouthful. Still, it does seem like an interesting product. This chair has been designed by Pininfarina, a well-known Italian company that has been in the business since 1930.

The OSIM Well-Being App generates an AI Stress Analysis that measures Body Tension Scores using biosensors with electrocardiogram (ECG) technology for this chair. Based on the results of those tests, the uLove 3 chair then creates a Personalized Body Tension Program, says the company.

That program includes varying massage intensities and music too. All that should help reduce stress. The company’s app also monitors Body Tension Scores and various other well-being indicators over time. You can get a ton of personalized insights thanks to this.

The OSIM uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair can massage your neck and shoulders

The OSIM uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair is another interesting product from the company. This chair has a 4-piece protective cover that has been designed by Pininfarina. It utilizes cooling fabric material, and it adapts to different temperatures.

This chair comes with OSIM’s V-Hand Massage, which makes gamers “feel the skill of a masseuse’s hands across their neck”. 360-degree massage rollers are included here, and will massage you across the neck and shoulders. Gliding movements across the lumbar region have also been mentioned.

This chair has a 145-degree reclining mechanism, adjustable gaming armrests, and seat height that you can adjust. OSIM’s base massage capabilities are also included in the package.

The OSIM DIY Massage Chair allows you to turn any chair into a massage chair

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The last product the company announced is called the OSIM DIY Massage Chair. This chair “synergizes” three products from the company, the uGalaxy Sync eye massager, the uJolly Sync back massager, and the uPhoria Sync foot massager. The OSIM Well-Being App is coming into play here as well.

This product is for those of you who want more flexible solutions. This package basically allows you to turn any chair into a massage chair. Photo Plethysmography (PPG) is used to measure stress levels, though you’ll need your phone and OSIM’s app for that. It will be required for various other measurements.

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