Phone Comparisons: Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35

Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35 comparison

Google announced its new mid-range handset earlier this month. We’ve already compared that phone with a number of its competitors, and yet another such comparison is ahead of us. This time around, we’re comparing the Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35. These two phones have similar price tags, at least in the US. Their prices could differ more outside of the States, so keep that in mind.

These two phones are not all that similar, but they’re both budget phones that you may be considering. In this article, we’ll try to help you make a purchasing decision. We’ll first list the spec sheets of both smartphones and will then move to compare them across a number of categories. We’ll compare their designs, displays, performance, battery life, cameras, and audio performance. Let’s get to it!


Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35, respectively

Screen size:
6.1-inch OLED display (flat, 120Hz, HDR, 2,000 nits)
6.6-inch Super AMOLED display (flat, 120Hz)
Display resolution:
2400 x 1080
2340 x 1080
Google Tensor G3
Samsung Exynos 1380
128GB/256GB (UFS 3.1)
128GB (UFS 3.1)
Rear cameras:
64MP (wide, f/1.9 aperture, 0.8um pixel size, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS), 13MP (ultrawide, f/2.2 aperture, 120-degree FoV, 1.12um pixel size)
50MP (f/1.8 aperture, OIS, PDAF), 8MP (ultrawide, f/2.2 aperture, 123-degree FoV, 1.12um pixel size), 5MP (macro, f/2.4 aperture)
Front cameras:
13MP (f/2.2 aperture, 1.12um pixel size)
13MP (f/2.2 aperture, 1.12um pixel size)
18W wired, 7.5W wireless (charger not included)
25W wired (charger not included)
152.1 x 72.7 x 8.9mm
161.7 x 78 x 8.2mm
188 grams
209 grams
5G, LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5.3
In-display fingerprint scanner (optical) & facial scanning
Android 14
Android 14 with One UI 6.1
Pixel 8a (Best Buy)
Samsung Galaxy A35 (Best Buy)

Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35: Design

The Pixel 8a comes with a frame made out of aluminum, and a plastic back. The Galaxy A35, on the flip side, has a plastic frame, and a glass back. Both devices do have a centered display camera hole at the top. The bezels around both smartphones’ displays are somewhat thin, but the ones around the Galaxy A35’s display are thinner. The two devices have similar curves when the corners are concerned.

You’ll spot flat displays on both devices. The physical buttons sit on the right-hand side of both phones, but they have different placement. The Pixel 8a has a power/lock key above the volume up and down buttons, it’s the other way around on the Galaxy A35. If we flip them around, you’ll see even more differences. The Pixel 8a has a camera visor on the back, which connects to both the left and right sides of the frame. There is a pill-shaped cutout on that visor for two cameras, and the visor itself is covered by metal.

The Galaxy A35, however, has three separate camera circles on the back. Those circles are vertically aligned in the top-left corner. The LED flash is a separate entity outside of them. The Galaxy A35 has flat sides and a flat back. That’s not the case with the Pixel 8a, as both are slightly curved. The Pixel 8a is a smaller phone out of the two, as it does include a smaller display. The device is considerably shorter, considerably narrower, and a bit thicker too. It’s also 21 grams lighter.

Both devices do come with an IP67 certification for water and dust resistance. Do note that they’re both quite slippery, but the Pixel 8a is a bit more comfortable to hold and use. That’s due to its size and curves.

Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35: Display

The Google Pixel 8a has a 6.1-inch fullHD+ (2400 x 1080) OLED display. This panel is flat, and it has a 120Hz display with support for HDR content. This display’s maximum brightness is 2,000 nits, and the panel has a 20:9 display aspect ratio. The screen-to-body ratio here is around 81%. The Gorilla Glass 3 is here to protect this panel, in case you were wondering.

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The Galaxy A35, on the other hand, has a 6.6-inch fullHD+ (2340 x 1080) Super AMOLED display. That display is also flat, and it has a 120Hz refresh rate. Its brightness is not that far from what the Pixel 8a offers. The display aspect ratio here is 19.5:9, and the screen-to-body ratio is around 84%. The Gorilla Glass Victus+ is here to protect the Galaxy A35’s display. Needless to say, it’s better than Gorilla Glass 3.

Both of these displays are quite good, actually. They’re vivid, have good viewing angles and have good touch response. They’re also more than bright enough, especially when you consider the price tags of these two smartphones. The Galaxy A35 does have the advantage of better display protection, though. The Gorilla Glass 3 on the Pixel 8a is prone to microscratches, the Gorilla Glass Victus+ is better in every way, basically.

Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35: Performance

The Google Pixel 8a is fueled by the Google Tensor G3 processor. That is Google’s very own 4nm chip. The Galaxy A35, on the flip side, comes with the Exynos 1380 processor, Samsung’s 5nm processor. Google’s handset also comes with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 flash storage. The Galaxy A35 includes 6GB of RAM LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of UFS 3.1 flash storage.

Now, the Pixel 8a seemingly comes with a more powerful spec sheet. That is something you will notice during usage too, actually. The Pixel 8a is a visibly more responsive smartphone. We did not really see any lag on it, a skipped frame or two, but the Galaxy A35 is a different story. The Exynos 1380 didn’t do a particularly good job in combination with the software here There are visibly more UI stutters in comparison to the Pixel 8a.

Neither one of these two smartphones is made for gaming, to be quite honest. Their processors are not made for gaming, especially for high-end gaming. Still, you can play a ton of games on each phone without a problem. The Galaxy A35 will have issues with the most demanding titles, and the Pixel 8a will be able to play them, but the experience won’t be as good as it would have been on a phone with a different chip. If you’re looking for a phone for gaming, chances are you are not interested in either of those, so… there you go.

Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35: Battery

There is a 4,492mAh battery included inside the Google Pixel 8a. The Samsung Galaxy A35, on the other hand, has a 5,000mAh battery on the inside. The battery capacity itself is not saying much as the Galaxy A35 has a considerably larger display. You’ll be glad to hear that both of these phones do deliver in terms of battery life, but the Galaxy A35 is better in that regard, that’s for sure.

Your battery life will vary, of course, based on a number of factors. The Pixel 8a usually managed to provide us with around 6.5 hours of screen-on-time, while the Galaxy A35 flies above that. Do note that we did not play games on those days, as gaming heavily changes the perspective on battery life, and neither of these two smartphones are exactly made for gaming… so it made no sense.

In regards to charging, the Pixel 8a supports 18W wired, and 7.5W wireless charging. The Galaxy A35, on the flip side, supports 25W wired charging. Do note that neither of these two smartphones includes a charger in the box. Neither of them charges particularly fast either, but the Pixel 8a at least has the benefit of having wireless charging as part of the equation.

Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35: Cameras

The Google Pixel 8a has two cameras on the back, while the Galaxy A35 comes with three. The Pixel 8a includes a 64-megapixel main camera, and a 13-megapixel ultrawide unit (120-degree FoV). The Galaxy A35 has a 50-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultrawide unit (123-degree FoV), and a 5-megapixel macro shooter. The results these two phones provide are considerably different.

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The dynamic range on the Pixel 8a is noticeably better, while the Galaxy A35 pictures look more natural… during the day. They are not heavily over-processed or anything like that. The Pixel 8a’s images do look more processed, but in a good way. You’re getting that contrasty look that many people seem to love. 2x photos do look better from the Pixel 8a, but the Galaxy A35 also does a good job in that regard. As already mentioned, neither phone has a dedicated telephoto camera.

Ultrawide shots are better from the Pixel 8a, even though the Galaxy A35 also does a good job. The Pixel 8a’s unit does seem to provide more details, though. The Galaxy A35’s macro camera is not anything to write home about, but it does good job presuming you have enough light in the shot. Don’t expect miracles, though.

We preferred the images from the Pixel 8a, when it comes to low light, even though the Galaxy A35 did a solid job. It did have a slower shutter, though, and the images were not as well balanced as the ones the Pixel 8a provided. All in all, the Galaxy A35 keeps up when it comes to image quality, that’s for sure. Both of these phones are competent in terms of photography, but the Pixel 8a does have the edge.


In case you’re wondering about stereo speakers, both phones have them. They’re not particularly loud, but they’re loud enough. Average is the word I’m looking for, and that will be more than enough for most people.

In terms of an audio jack, neither phone includes one. You can always utilize their Type-C ports for wired audio connections, though. Bluetooth 5.3 is also included on both smartphones, in case you prefer wireless audio.

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