Pixel Fold 2 display rumored to be 8.02 inches on the inside

Google Pixel Fold AM AH22

Google’s upcoming Pixel Fold 2 has leaked quite a few times and this has included everything from rumored display sizes to the potential design of the phone via CAD renders. Although none of those details have been confirmed, it still leaves customers with something to talk about and paints a picture of what to expect when the device officially arrives.

The latest rumor about the device suggests that leaks thus far have gotten the display size of the Pixel Fold 2 all wrong. No definitive size has been confirmed. But rumors from previous leaks had suggested the inside display could be up to 7.9-inches. This was partly based on the fact the inside display size of the original Pixel Fold was 7.6 inches. The cover display, meanwhile, was 5.8 inches. According to leaker Ross Young on X, the inside display on the Pixel Fold 2 will be 8.02 inches in size while the cover display will be 6.29 inches. These are admittedly small differences compared to the first model. But they are larger and will make a difference for the user with slightly more screen real estate.

The Pixel Fold 2’s panel production will start for the new display sizes very soon

Display sizes aren’t the only piece of information that Young offered up. He also notes that production of the panels for these displays will be starting soon. According to Young production begins in April. This timing could make sense if you consider when Google is likely to announce and launch the phone. With the Pixel Fold, Google announced the phone at Google I/O in May of 2023. This preceded the June 27 launch which was nearly two months later.

If the production timing is accurate, then that means it won’t take more than two months to manufacture the displays for these phones. Then again that’s assuming that launch timing follows the original phone. There’s still no guarantee that Google plans to launch the device within the same timeframe. However, there’s also nothing to suggest it won’t.

Outside of the display sizes, Young speaks partly to other, smaller details about the phone screens. One user in the comments asks what the pixels per inch and aspect ratios of the displays are. Specifics aren’t mentioned like they are with display sizes. Young does state that the main display (the inside display) is “close to square.” Young also notes that the cover display is pretty wide just like on the Pixel Fold. You can read more about the Pixel Fold 2 and all of its potential specs and details in our main preview post.

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