Pixel users in the EU can now change their default search engine

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It’s common knowledge by now that all default services on Pixel devices are Google services. This makes sense but not to the EU. Thanks to the new Digital Markets ACT (DMA), Google Pixel users can change their default search engine in the EU.

If you use a Pixel device, you will see the Google search bar on your home screen. This is your fast track to the Google app. It’s not customizable at all, and that’s just how the company wants it. Now, you can access Google Gemini through the Google app. This negates the need to download the Gemini app on the Google Play Store.

Pixel users in the EU can change their default search engine

This is a phenomenon that only the EU could bring. Obviously, since Pixel phones are all manufactured by Google, the company will add its own services to create a unique user experience.

However, that’s not within the EU’s plan. According to some new reports, in the EU, Pixel users are able to change the default search engine. This means that the search bar at the bottom can be customized to use other search engines.

A screenshot posted by Mishaal Rahmen (via 91Mobiles) shows this in action. We see the ability to select different search engines for the search bar. This includes engines like DuckDuckGo. When you change the search engine, you will see the icon on the left side of the widget change to match the search engine you chose.

Right now, Google is in the process of rolling out this change. So, there’s a chance that some users will not be able to access it just yet. Also, this is going to be an EU-exclusive feature. So, don’t expect it to come to the United States.

This is something that is obviously against Google’s plans. Having the Google search engine as the default means that Google will have more control over the data that people produce. So, we can tell that Google is not happy about this.

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