Play Store may soon remind users to open just downloaded apps

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Google is planning to add a new handy feature to the Play Store. The upcoming functionality will remind Android users to open new apps they have just downloaded from the Play Store. Many of us sometimes come across a situation when we start downloading an app and later switch to a different activity, and completely forget about installing it. In this case, the upcoming Google Play Store feature to remind you to open new apps will come in handy.

Play Store will send a reminder to open new apps within 24 hours of downloading

According to an APK teardown of the Play Store’s latest version by Android Authority, Google is testing a new feature that will send reminders to open new apps. The Play Store will reportedly send a reminder within 24 hours to users who haven’t opened the newly installed apps. The upcoming “Open app reminder” feature will send a notification that the application has been installed and is ready to open.

There will be at least two reminders to open the newly installed apps

Furthermore, the APK teardown has revealed that the Play Store will send at least two reminders to open new apps. After two reminders, it will not send any other notifications to open the newly installed apps. In case a user dismisses the “Open app reminders” notification and doesn’t open the app, there will be a secondary reminder in some time.

According to the source, the open app reminders functionality isn’t live in the Google Play Store app at the moment. The company is currently testing the feature and is expected to roll it out to the public soon.

Google keeps on improving user experience by introducing new features for the Play Store from time to time. A few weeks ago, the company added the ability to download two apps at the same time. Unfortunately, the users still can’t update more than one app simultaneously. However, we can expect this feature to be released in the upcoming months.

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