Pretending to be naked gets you banned on Twitch


Twitch policies toward sexual content are changing again. As the platform noted in its recent blog posts, the new policy aims to prohibit “implied nudity” for streamers and improve user’s experience.

Nudity has always been a controversial issue for video streaming and social platforms. While most platforms ban users who post explicit content, others have less strict rules to deal with these materials. In mid-December, Twitch announced a policy reform, aiming to simplify regulations for users. However, the recent policy change targets streamers who might consider implied nudity.

According to The Verge, Twitch already didn’t allow streamers to be fully or partially nude. But the new attire policy prohibits streamers from implying or suggesting “that they are fully or partially nude, including, but not limited to, covering breasts or genitals with objects or censor bars.”

Twitch reforms its policies again to prohibit implied nudity

As Twitch chief customer trust officer Angela Hession says, the platform doesn’t allow for visible outlines of genitals, even if they’re covered. Additionally, female streamers are required to cover their nipples and not expose their underbust. If these requirements are met, cleavage is unrestricted.

Hession added they’re working on a new feature to blur thumbnails for content with a Sexual Themes label. Twitch is also developing a set of settings to let users filter and customize their viewing experience based on content labels.

As Twitch reformed its nudity policies in December, some streamers tried to play with the rules and pose as if they were fully or partially naked. Meanwhile, for streamers that used Sexual Theme labels, the thumbnails could be disruptive to the user’s experience. It’s worth noting that content with a Sexual Themes label is not displayed on the Twitch homepage. However, the content is still discoverable in category browse directories.

Twitch was previously forced to roll back its artistic nudity policy

Twitch had to roll back on its artistic nudity changes two days after it announced its new policy in December. As Twitch said in a blog post, they went too far with the change, and it has caused community concerns.

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