Readiness for the release of the Cataclysm update in World of Warcraft

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Very soon, at the end of the month, the classic version of Warcraft will receive another update, Cataclysm.

This is a logical update cycle that Blizzard follows in order to maintain two versions of its project – the main one with new additions and the classic one, which repeat the cycle of once popular updates. You can prepare for the release in advance and order a boost, or buy WoW Cataclysm gold, which will be transferred fairly quickly after the release and received by professional players.

What is the Cataclysm update

When WoW was just gaining its popularity in 2010, the cold and difficult Lich King was replaced by the Cataclysm update, which brought new devastated territories and raids, including heroic level.

Since classic Warcraft is a repetition of that same experience, all players should prepare for similar gameplay. Upgrade your characters, master professions and go through all the raids from Lich King again in order to get all the current types of weapons and armor, without which you simply will not be allowed into the initial Cataclysm raids.

Your World of Warcraft classic boosting will continue until level 85.

You will now be able to play as the new Worgen, or Goblin, races, which will be introduced on May 21, 2024, at release.

All masters will finally be able to gain access to the reforging mechanics, which will allow you to change the parameters and quality of many types of equipment, making them more suitable for your class and adding the necessary characteristics.

Now absolutely all heroes can start studying the new general profession of archeology – this activity absolutely does not waste slots for crafts. It will help you better explore the world of Azeroth and its history, by exploring important zones and places of major battles between the factions of the Horde and the Alliance.

For this you can receive various decorative and valuable rewards, as well as add to the list of achievements in exchange for passive bonuses to characteristics and new mounts.

Now you can get a boost in World of Warcraft Classic in the lands of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms and go to Cataclysm to reach the maximum level 85.

Update history

Cold and ice cease to exist after Deathwing unleashes his fury, breaking out of the maelstrom and destroying the previously familiar lands, making them uninhabitable, but opening up a series of quests and raids of varying difficulty levels for players – normal and heroic.

What to expect at the time of release

All players who will have level 80 characters by May 21 will be able to see the following zones and mechanics:

– 7 new hunting zones that will help you level up to level 85 – Vashj’jir, Twilight Highlands, Uldum, Underdark, Kezan and Gilneas, Mount Hyjal.
– 9 new Normal and Mythic difficulty raids.
– Updated log with information and status of all possible raids.
– Three new raids – Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight.
– Now players will be able to complete the same raid twice, but at different difficulty levels, for 10 and 25 players.
– New PVP zones and events for battles between representatives of two factions.
– The new Darkmoon Island will be open for exploration upon release on May 21st.
– You can book a flight to Kalimdor and the eastern kingdom.

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What will change after the Lich King update transitions to Cataclysm

Since the release of the Cataclysm update, many mechanics and actions from Lich King will be canceled or replaced by other actions, so you need to prepare for them in advance.

– Zul’Gurub will become a regular leveling zone and will no longer be a raid zone, so if you want to get a mount, you need to do it before May 21st.
– Swift Razzashi Raptor – after the update, you will no longer be able to get it during boosting in Cataclysm.
– Razzashi Hatchling – This non-combat pet will no longer be available for purchase.
– The Turn Turtle Potion will still be available.
– Crusader horse and steed for the alliance and wolf for the horde – since Vanguard chests are being removed from the game, it will no longer be possible to get them after the update is released.
– Defeating Yogg’Saron will now have a significantly lower drop rate for Mimicron’s head when participating in a 25-player raid.
– Now defeating the Lich King will give you the Invincible mount with a very low chance in a 25-player raid.

Changes to quests and achievement system

You must remember that the continent of Azeroth will change greatly after the release of updates and a large amount of new content will inevitably replace the old.

All your quests that are no longer relevant will disappear from the quest log and will no longer be recorded in your character’s achievements. It is advisable to complete all tasks before May 21 and accumulate WoW Cataclysm in-game gold, which will be useful to you in the future.

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Conclusions on the future Cataclysm update in World of Warcraft Classic

The era of the Lich King is coming to an end and the snowy and icy territories will be replaced by hot and desert devastation, which will significantly change the quest system and raids, adding dungeons of a higher difficulty level, available for 10 and 25 players.

You need to have time to complete old quests and get all the mounts you need, because later they may no longer be available to complete and receive.

The update will be released on May 21st, so you still have time to complete all the old content. Irrelevant quests will be removed, but a lot of new content will take their place, along with updated graphics and interfaces.

Links to materials that were used to write this article – All preliminary information about the future update based on old chronicles and information provided by Blizzard. – A short list of patch notes and future changes that players need to take this into account before release. – A selection of guides and manuals from Wowhead for new and experienced players who played Cataclysm for the main version of World of Warcraft in 2010.

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