Reminders in Google Keep will soon transfer to Tasks

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Google Keep is a wonderful little app for helping you with everything from taking quick notes to making up a shopping list, and you can even add reminders to the notes you create. The reminders feature is helpful because the note might not be of relevance when you create it. Maybe you simply didn’t want to forget the idea you had. Here’s another example. Let’s say you create a shopping list for stuff you need. But you aren’t going to the store for another few days.

You’d be able to set a reminder for a time (or location) on that list so you get an alert the day you plan to do all the shopping. Google is going to be changing the way reminders in Keep work going forward. So if you use the reminders feature in Keep, you’ll want to “take note” of these changes.

Reminders in Google Keep will begin to show up in Tasks later this year

The main change here is that the reminders you set up in Keep will eventually make their way to Google’s Tasks app. This won’t be immediate, but it’s also unclear when exactly users will start noticing reminders popping up in Tasks.

Google says in its official blog post that this will happen sometime this year, but it doesn’t give a date. “Over the next year, those Keep reminders will automatically save to Google Tasks,” the company says. It also mentions you’ll still be able to see those eeminders in Keep. So it doesn’t appear that the feature is leaving Keep, just that they will be populated in Tasks as well.

The reason for this is so Google can consolidate any reminders you make into one app. Tasks has already been integrated with Calendar and Assistant. The idea is that you can have Tasks be your go-to option for managing any to-dos in Google’s Workspace ecosystem.

Google Keep Reminders in Tasks

What happens to location-based Reminders?

Unfortunately, there’s no explanation from Google here on this. It briefly mentions location-based reminders in Google Keep in the official announcement, but only to highlight that this is something you can do in Keep. As Android Police points out, Tasks doesn’t currently support location-based reminders. So those won’t show up in Tasks unless Google adds it sometime before reminders start showing up in Tasks.

Reminders making the jump to Tasks isn’t a huge surprise, as it was rumored back on April 17 that this was likely to happen. That initial leak was spotted by @AssembleDebug on X, who also spotted Google’s official post about this change.

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