Roborock debuts new, powerful cleaning solutions at CES 2024

Roborock Robot Vacuums 2024 S8 MaxV Ultra

Roborock has announced a fleet of new robot vacuums and cleaning solutions at CES 2024, including some new options that actually aren’t robots at all. If you thought Roborock was all about robot vacuums and robot vacuums only, you’d be wrong. While the company’s main bread and butter is robot vacuums, it does make vacuums that you control yourself and manually push around. Like we all used to do 15-20 years ago.

This isn’t Roborock’s first time launching a regular vacuum. It is, however, the company’s first time launching these kinds of vacuums in the US market. During its CES unveiling, Roborock debuted 6 new cleaning solutions. This includes the S8 MaxV Ultra, S8 Max Ultra, Q Revo MaxV, and Q Revo Pro robot vacuums. The remaining two cleaning products are the Flexi Pro and Flexi Lite, which are handheld push vacuums. But just because they aren’t robots that doesn’t mean they don’t provide a high-quality clean.

These two push vacuums include a handful of useful features to ensure your floors don’t stay dirty for long. Not the least of which is an included mop system. There’s also the DirTect feature that uses sensors to detect dirt levels as you clean. this will adjust the cleaning power based on what the sensors detect. And that should allow you to get the clean right the first time so you won’t have to go back over certain areas. They also now feature warm water cleaning during the mop process, and warm air drying so things don’t get musty.

Roborock doesn’t have availability dates or pricing on these just yet. The company does say that information is “coming soon” though.

Roborock Robot Vacuums 2024 Q Revo MaxV
Roborock Robot Vacuums 2024 Flexi Pro

Roborock Robot Vacuums 2024 Q Revo MaxV
Roborock Robot Vacuums 2024 Flexi Pro

Roborock has powerful new robot vacuums for 2024

If you don’t care for push vacuums anymore and you’d rather a robot vacuum do all the work, Roborock still has you covered. Its latest cleaning solutions, such as the S8 MaxV Ultra, feature a neat robotic arm called the ‘FlexiArm’ that is designed to get into those pesky hard-to-reach corners. The FlexiArm has the Extra Edge Spinning Mop attached to it that sticks out a little from the edge of the vacuum. This is what allows it to hit those corners and get any dirt and debris that other vacuums might miss.

It comes with the RoboDock Ultra too. A base station for the vacuum that has useful self-dispensing detergent capabilities for the vacuum’s mops. It can also refill the detergent once the vacuum runs out of it. Additionally, it uses water that’s heated to 60 degrees Celcius for better floor cleaning, and then it dries the mop pads with hot air at the same temperature.

You’ll see mops and hot air drying on more robot vacuums these days but not many of them will use hot water for the cleaning process. Roborock says these features are available on the S8 series. So it isn’t just the S8 MaxV Ultra that will offer them. The S8 series will go on sale starting in April via Amazon and Roborock’s online store. The S8 MaxV Ultra will retail for $1,799.99 and the S8 Max Ultra will retail for $1,599.99.

Q Revo vacuums will offer many of the same features for less

A minimum $1,600 price tag is a lot for a robot vacuum, even if it is a high-quality unit. That’s why Roborock also offers the new Q Revo series. These will have a lot of the same features as the S8 series but they’ll be more affordable and cost hundreds less.

You will have to compromise on some features. But the best ones are still there. Like the FlexiArm Edge Mopping system. They also come with a feature-rich Dock 2.0 that will do everything from self-empty the bin to hot-air dry the mops after a cleaning session. Worth noting is that the hot-air drying is 45 degrees Celcius instead of 60 degrees. The hot water dispensing for the mop is still the same at 60 degrees Celcius though.

The Dock 2.0 can also refill the water tank when it runs low. Roborock says the Q Revo MaxV will retail for $1,199.99 and the Q Revo Pro will retail for $999.99. Both will also be available through Amazon starting in April.

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