Sam Altman wants to increase AI chip production and needs $7 trillion to do it

Sam Altman

The tech world has been rife with headlines pertaining to Sam Altman’s ambition to expand AI technology. He recently visited Korea to speak with Samsung about manufacturing AI chips. Now, Altman is looking to raise money to help further expand AI chip manufacturing, and it looks like he needs a whopping $7 trillion to do it.

Sam Altman has been a busybody with different AI-centric endeavors. Recently, he partnered with Jony Ive to help create an AI device. He will provide the software expertise that will power this technology. He’s doing all of this while running OpenAI, and it appears that he’s not slowing down.

Sam Altman wants to raise $7 trillion dollars to help AI chip Manufacturing

According to reports, Sam Altman is not happy with the current selection of chips needed to push AI technology forward. Artificial intelligence requires powerful chips to train models. Well, there aren’t enough chips to go around and Altman has definitely been upset about that.

So, it appears that he’s talking to several potential investors about raising money for an absolutely enormous project. This project aims to increase world chip production. This could better supply AI chips to be used to help develop AGI (artificial general intelligence). This is basically human-level intelligence.

Asking investors for $1 million is already a tough task, but Altman is looking to raise a whopping $7 trillion dollars. That’s more than the total value of Apple and Microsoft combined! So, this is a gigantic ask.

What is this project? We don’t know quite yet. What we do know is that Altman has contacted investors such as the UAE government to secure funds for this massive project.

If successful, then global AI chip manufacturing may be greatly increased. It appears that Altman blames the chip shortage on the lack of available AI chips.

There’s a very slim chance that he will be granted. However, it’s still exciting to see what he has planned.

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