Samsung brings back ‘Since last charge’ battery care feature

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Samsung has brought back the “Since last charge” battery care feature in the latest Device Care update. The company has essentially followed other smartphone brands in taking a U-turn.

Battery management for smartphones is a constant struggle, and Samsung made it unnecessarily cumbersome after it removed the “Since last charge” option. However, the company appears to have backtracked, presumably after a backlash from Samsung Galaxy smartphone users.

Samsung One UI 6.1 may include important battery charging status

Samsung started rolling out the latest One UI 6.0 OS update for its Galaxy-branded Android smartphones last year. The update includes several new Samsung-exclusive features.

However, for reasons best known to the South Korean tech giant, a crucial feature suddenly went missing. The ‘Since last charge’ feature resides inside the “Battery” tab in the Settings app.

As the name indicates, the “Since last charge” option tracks the Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s battery level, over a defined interval of time. Additionally, the feature shows users their “screen-on time” since it was last charged.

Although not many users keep a close watch on their smartphone’s battery, the missing feature was very useful. It tracked the device’s charging cycle and visually indicated usage patterns.

Samsung had replaced the “Since last charge” feature with its watered-down version that measured battery life over the last 24 hours regardless of charging. Needless to mention, this wasn’t ideal

How to get back the ‘Since last charge’ feature in Samsung Galaxy smartphones?

It wasn’t just Samsung that chose to ditch a much-needed feature. Other big brands, including Google, Xiaomi, and others removed the “Since last charge” metric. Incidentally, most of the brands have reintroduced the feature in its original form, and now Samsung has followed suit.

According to a Tweet, Samsung has revived the “Since last charge” option. Samsung has reportedly included the feature in an update to its Device Care app.

Samsung hasn’t yet released the stable version of the Device Care app, tagged v13.8.6.11, via the official update channel.

The update is available from third-party sources. However, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users running One UI 6.0 should ideally refrain from installing the same as it requires side-loading an APK file. Although Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed the update or the feature, the latest version of the Device Care app should make its way to the Galaxy Store, presumably inside the upcoming One UI 6.1 update.

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