Samsung could boost Galaxy S25’s battery life with Battery AI

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Samsung plans to use AI technology to improve the battery performance of its phones. The company is reportedly working on a feature called Battery AI that can increase the battery life by up to 10%. The new tech could debut with the Galaxy S25 series next year.

Samsung may introduce Battery AI with the Galaxy S25 series

AI has been a major talking point around Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series. The company introduced a plethora of AI features with the new flagships, helping drive sales globally. It is expected to build on this foundation in the coming years. Next year’s Galaxy S25 could employ AI to extend the battery life.

A rumor passed along X by @PandaFlashPro talks about a new AI tool called Battery AI. It appears to be a service designed to improve battery life by intelligently managing various system processes so it doesn’t affect the performance. Samsung could bake the feature into One UI as part of Galaxy.

The source couldn’t provide details about how the feature works but speculates that Samsung may use AI to “eliminate” unnecessary background tasks to boost battery performance. Depending on the usage, the new tech could add 5-10% additional runtime to the Galaxy phone.

The report doesn’t specify whether Samsung will introduce this feature with the Galaxy S25 series. However, since the next-gen foldables are just over a couple of months away, they are unlikely to bring it. Next year’s Galaxy S flagships are the likely candidates to get Battery AI out of the box. Or maybe Samsung will delay its launch further, time will tell.

An intelligent battery-saving feature

Battery-saving software tools aren’t a new concept. They have been around for a long time, including on Galaxy phones. However, these tools usually achieve the goal by limiting the CPU and GPU performance. The device doesn’t perform at its full potential when battery saving is enabled. Samsung’s upcoming Battery AI tool may be based on new concepts.

Expected to arrive in early 2025, the Galaxy S25 series may bring more new AI features. Samsung is currently busy pushing Galaxy AI introduced with the Galaxy S24 to eligible older devices. It has already covered most of them, at least in a few markets. It is unclear if the company will introduce a few more tools with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. Rumors say the new foldables will go official in the first half of July.

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