Samsung details the May 2024 security patch for Galaxy devices

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Samsung has published its latest monthly Security Maintenance Release (SMR) for Galaxy devices. The May 2024 SMR patches 55 security vulnerabilities across the Galaxy family, at least three of which are critical flaws. These security fixes will soon roll out to millions of Galaxy devices around the world.

Samsung publishes its May 2024 security patch details

Every month, Google releases fixes for dozens of security vulnerabilities in Android phones. Vendors roll out these security patches to their devices via an OTA (over the air) update. Some companies add a few more security fixes from their side to the patch released by Google. These fixes usually concern issues specific to their products and not Android in general.

Samsung does the same. It takes Google’s latest ASB (Android Security Bulletin) and bundles some Galaxy-specific security patches with it. The company then rolls out these fixes to eligible Galaxy devices as part of its monthly SMR. This month’s release contains 30 Android OS patches from Google and 25 Galaxy patches, aka Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items.

According to Samsung, three of the Android OS patches pushed with the May SMR are for critical vulnerabilities. These security flaws could lead to local escalation of privileges without requiring additional execution privileges. 26 were high-severity patches while Google also patched a moderate Android OS vulnerability affecting some Galaxy models.

As far as SVE items are concerned, Samsung has only detailed 12 vulnerabilities. One of those is a high-severity authentication bypass issue in the bootloader that allows physical attackers to flash arbitrary images. The rest are moderate vulnerabilities affecting various system apps and services, including Setup Wizard, multitasking framework, Secure Folder, TelephonyUI, and FactoryCamera.

Samsung kept the remaining 13 Galaxy-specific patches under wraps to avoid potential exploits. Threat actors could build exploits before users could install the update. Speaking of the update, the company has yet to start rolling out the May 2024 SMR to Galaxy devices. It may not delay the update much longer, though. We will let you know when the rollout begins.

The Galaxy S24 series may not get camera fixes with the May update

The Galaxy S24 series should be one of the first phones to get Samsung’s May 2024 security patch. The new flagships are also expected to receive some camera fixes soon. However, it appears the company won’t push those this month. Rumors say it has delayed the camera improvements until June. Nonetheless, the latest security fixes should hit the devices soon.

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