Samsung Galaxy S24 becomes third best-selling smartphone in Japan

Galaxy S24+ 7

Samsung devices have always rocked the top positions in the list of the world’s best-selling smartphones. It is also very successful in some regional markets. And according to a new report, the brand’s Galaxy S24 series is also doing very well in the Japanese market. The Galaxy S24 has secured third position in the list of best-setting smartphones in Japan for the current month.

Galaxy S24 sells like hotcakes in Japan, becomes third-best-selling device

The whole Galaxy S24 series of smartphones were launched globally in January this year. However, the brand announced its S24 in the Japanese market a few months later on April 11, 2024. The delayed launch narrows the chances of the device doing well in the market. It hasn’t been even a month since the Galaxy S24 was launched in Japan, but despite it, the device has done a very exceptional job in the market.

Even in such a short period, the Galaxy S24 managed to become the third-best-selling smartphone in the Japanese market. Not to mention, the top-of-the-line model of the series, the Galaxy S24 Ultra was in the fifth position of the list. This report makes it very evident how much the people of Japan prefer buying Samsung. The brand didn’t launch its S24+ in the market, otherwise it would have topped the list as well.

iPhone tops the list, but Samsung dominates it

If we look at the report of the highest-selling smartphones from NTT Docomo in Japan, there are only two brands that have made it to the top five in the smartphone category. The iPhone 14 has topped the list, followed by the iPhone 15. However, the remaining three devices in the top five are Android devices from Samsung. The Galaxy S24 is in third place, followed by the Galaxy S24 Ultra and then the Galaxy A54 5G.

The Galaxy S24 series didn’t have a lot of hardware upgrades this year. But it has a lot of software upgrades such as newly upgraded OneUI and the addition of AI-based features which helped the brand to spike up its sales of the devices.

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