Samsung Galaxy S24 gets a high repairability score

Galaxy S24 teardown

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra managed to steal the thunder from its siblings since the launch event. The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ are also quite compelling devices, and the vanilla model actually got a high repairability score in the latest test.

The Galaxy S24 earned a high repairability score, just like its ‘Ultra’ sibling

A well-known YouTube channel, PBKReviews did the test. The phone got disassembled, and based on that, the internals, and re-assembly, a repairability score was figured out. The Galaxy S24 actually managed to get a 9/10 repairability score, which is quite high, needless to say.

Before we get down to it, do note that the Galaxy S24 Ultra got the same treatment recently. PKBReviews gave the ‘Ultra’ model a 9/10 repairability score as well, so Samsung did a good job with both devices. We presume that the ‘Plus’ model is in the same boat.

Now, believe it or not, the Galaxy S24 also has a rather large vapor chamber on the inside. It is larger than the one in the Galaxy S23, and that’s something you can see in the video embedded below the article.

The vapor chamber is almost as twice as large as the Galaxy S23’s

It’s almost twice as large as the one in the Galaxy S23. It’s not exactly trailing behind the ‘Ultra’ model in that regard, not at all. Now, in order to access the phone, the back needs to be pried off after applying enough heat.

The good news is that the camera lens covers can be replaced individually. The phone’s mainboard has a dual-layer design. So, that didn’t change compared to last year’s model.

The rear cameras can be removed easily, while the front-facing ones, not so much. That one is glued into place, so you’ll need to use a knife to cut the glue.

The battery can be removed rather easily

As far as the battery goes, it can be removed easily thanks to a pull tab. The screen is more of a problem, however. The source says that removing it is almost impossible without damaging it. However, if you’re removing the display, chances are you want to replace it, so… it’s a moot point. Removing it is not difficult, just keep in mind you’ll likely damage it.

How did the phone get a 9/10 repairability score, however? Well, the source says that parts availability is counted into the score too, as is the ease of battery replacement, and the ease of replacement of various other parts of the phone.

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