Samsung Galaxy S25 Preview: Release date, specs, price & more

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The Samsung Galaxy S25 series is expected to arrive in early 2025, and the Galaxy S25 is the base model in that equation. Once again, we’re expected to see three devices as part of the series, the Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25+, and Galaxy S25 Ultra. At the time of writing this article, it’s still very early, and the arrival of these phones is quite far away. Still, we’ll set up the article, talk about what we (think we) know thus far, and try to fill in the gaps.

Some information did surface thus far, despite the fact it’s still very early. Some changes are expected, in fact, we’ll likely see quite a few changes compared to last year… at least as far as the vanilla model is concerned. That’s the variant we’ll focus on here. Having said that, let’s get to it.

This article will be regularly updated with new information on the Samsung Galaxy S25 (this is a preview article) — both official teasers and credible leaks, rumors, and insider claims — as it becomes available in the run-up to the release of the upcoming Android smartphone. This is the initial publishing of this article.

When will the Samsung Galaxy S25 be released?

Considering it’s still early, we didn’t really get a release date estimate for the Galaxy S25. However, the Galaxy S24 series launched on January 17, while the Galaxy S23 series arrived on February 1. It’s safe to assume that the Galaxy S25 series will launch in Q1 2025. We actually expect them to arrive in January, around the same time as the Galaxy S24 series did this year. So either early January or mid-January. Yes, all three smartphones will be launching at the same time.

What models are coming?

Three Galaxy S25 series devices are almost certainly coming, the Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25+, and Galaxy S25 Ultra. With that in mind, we still don’t have details on RAM and storage setups or anything like that. We’re not even sure that those three phones are coming, but everything points in that direction. We also believe that Samsung will stick to vanilla, Plus, and Ultra names as well. One rumor even suggested that we may get Exynos-powered models only, without the Snapdragon variants, which is interesting, though probably not true. Chances are we’ll see both Exynos and Snapdragon Galaxy S25 variants.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S25 cost?

No info regarding the Galaxy S25 price tag surfaced thus far, but chances are the prices will stay the same. The Galaxy S24 was priced at $799.99 at launch, while the ‘Plus’ and ‘Ultra’ models started at $999.99 and $1,129.99, respectively. It’s easily possible Samsung will stick with that price tag. We don’t think that a discount is coming, while a slight price bump is possible, but it probably won’t happen. That’s just an educated guess at this point, though, we’ll have to wait for some actual information on this.

What will the Samsung Galaxy S25 look like?

Samsung has been utilizing the same design language for years now. Many people think it’s time for a change, and it may finally arrive with the Galaxy S25 series. A recent report, which talked about the Galaxy S25 in specific, clearly said that a different design is coming. No details were revealed as part of it, but we won’t see a small difference here, it seems, Samsung may actually redesign the Galaxy S25. We’re not sure what that means, but the company will likely stick with a metal + glass build.

In addition to that, it was said that a larger display would be used on the phone. Instead of a 6.2-inch panel, the company is expected to utilize a 6.36-inch display on the phone. That display size is the same as the Xiaomi 14 offers. That will make the phone larger, but still rather compact. We’re not sure what that means for the ‘Plus’ and ‘Ultra’ models, though. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display can’t really get that much bigger without seriously stepping over the norm, it’s already huge. Perhaps this size increase will be for the Galaxy S25 only, or the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25 Plus models.

Chances are that the Galaxy S25 will retain a flat display. In fact, there’s a good chance that all three phones will have flat displays, as do the Galaxy S24 models. Furthermore, we’re also expecting to see uniform bezels on all three models, with very thin bezels. If a redesign truly is coming, chances are we’ll see a different-looking camera setup on the back of the Galaxy S25. The Galaxy S25 Plus will likely offer the same exact look but in a larger package.

What specs will the Samsung Galaxy S25 have?

We’re far from having every piece of the puzzle in terms of specs, but some tidbits did surface already. One rumor suggested that the Galaxy S25 series will run an Exynos chip globally. That basically means that Samsung would ditch the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, and we don’t really see that happening, at least not yet. Chances are that it won’t be happening, even though it’s a possibility. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is still ahead of the Exynos 2400 that fuels the Galaxy S24 in some markets. We don’t really see Samsung making that jump, at least not yet, maybe with the Galaxy S26 series.

As already mentioned in the last section, the Galaxy S25 will feature a larger display, a 6.36-inch panel. It could still be a fullHD+ panel, though. One thing is for sure, all three phones will include LTPO AMOLED displays with adaptive refresh rates (1-120Hz). The ‘Plus’ and ‘Ultra’ models will likely offer a higher resolution than the Galaxy S25. We’re expecting the Gorilla Armor protection to be available on all three phones. That way reflections won’t be an issue whatsoever.

It will hopefully use LPDDR5X & UFS 4.0 in all variants

In terms of RAM and storage, chances are Samsung will use LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0 flash storage on all models. It’s about time we got a RAM bump, though. The Galaxy S24 arrived with 8GB of RAM for its base model, and we’re expecting Samsung to bump that up to 12GB of RAM with the Galaxy S25. Let’s hope that LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0 will be used in all variants. Samsung has a habit of not doing that. The base Galaxy S24, for example, utilizes UFS 3.1 flash storage, instead of UFS 4.0.

In regards to cameras, that is still a mystery, for the most part. There was one report that teased big camera upgrades for the Galaxy S25 Ultra. The phone is said to get an improved 200MP main camera and a new ultrawide unit. Another report suggested that the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ will switch to Sony cameras, though still retain the same 50-megapixel cameras as the Galaxy S22 series. It’s still early, though, things could change.

Should you wait to buy the Samsung Galaxy S25?

Should you wait to get the Galaxy S25, or get the Galaxy S24? Well, the Galaxy S25 launch is still quite far away. We’re about 10 months away from it at this point, so if you need a phone now, getting the current-gen model may be a good idea. That could change moving forward, though, as more information about the next-gen models surfaced. If Samsung really plans to make significant design changes, let’s hope that considerable internal upgrades are also in the cards.

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