Samsung is working on bringing Generative AI features to Bixby

Samsung Bixby new look

Similar to other Samsung apps and services, Bixby will soon have generative AI capabilities. This information comes from Won-joon Choi, the Executive Vice President of Samsung’s mobile business.

Generative AI is coming to Bixby

All smartphone companies, including Samsung, are racing to implement generative AI features in their smartphones. While the company introduced Galaxy AI with the Galaxy S24 series, which offers various generative AI features, its built-in virtual assistant, has not received any major updates related to AI. However, Samsung finally has plans to redefine the role of Bixby and is working to add generative AI features to it.

Discussing the future of Bixby, Woo-joon Choi told CNBC, “With the emergence of generative AI and LLM technology, I believe that we have to redefine the role of the Bixby, so that Bixby could be equipped with generative AI and become smarter in the future.”

Furthermore, he stated that integrating AI into the virtual assistant will bring a natural tone to conversations. He also mentioned that they are looking to enhance the Bixby interface to better support the Samsung ecosystem.

Currently, there is no specific release date for the generative AI features in Bixby or a roadmap detailing how Samsung will implement these features. Woo-joon Choi mentioned that the company is “working diligently” to add generative AI features to their virtual assistant.

Are you still using Bixby?

Bixby, introduced as a replacement for the S Voice assistant, has been part of the Samsung ecosystem since 2017. You can use it on your Samsung smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and home appliances. While it can assist you with various tasks, such as using Bixby Voice to control your smartphone using voice commands, the important question here is, are you still using Bixby?

A Reddit thread that was created to discuss the generative AI capabilities coming to Bixby eventually turned into a platform to discuss the current usability of virtual assistants. Many users commented that Bixby is one of the first things they disable on their Samsung devices. There have also been comments where users mentioned that they have even forgotten that there is something called Bixby on their smartphones. All these comments clearly indicate that currently, users are not fond of the Samsung voice assistant, and it has been a while since they last used it.

It will be interesting to see the generative AI features that Samsung will introduce to Bixby. Particularly, if these features will be able to change users’ minds and encourage them to start using their virtual assistant, Bixby, again.

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