Samsung mocks Apple’s controversial iPad ad with creative retort

Samsung ad mock Apple

Apple recently upset many people by putting out a controversial ad for the newly launched OLED iPad Pro (2024). The ad showed a giant hydraulic press crushing musical instruments, cameras, books, and various other creative tools and items. The company later apologized for it, though it didn’t remove the video from YouTube. Samsung has taken the opportunity to mock its rival with an ad of its own. “Creativity cannot be crushed,” Samsung says in the ad.

Samsung mocks Apple for the controversial “Crush” ad

Titled “Crush!” Apple’s ad was meant to show how thin yet powerful the new iPad is. Measuring just 5.1mm, it is the thinnest iPad yet while simultaneously being the most powerful ever. The company wanted to tell people that its new machine is thin enough to fit between the two plates of a hydraulic press while boasting as much power as all those items. However, crushing musical instruments and books wasn’t a good idea and expectedly sparked controversy.

The ad didn’t go down well with many people, with some saying that it highlights how tech companies treat artists and their creativity. Apple duly apologized, with an executive saying it “missed the mark.” The company also scrapped the plan of showing the ad on TV, though the minute-long video is still very much in circulation on social media and YouTube. In the meantime, Samsung has posted an “UnCrush” ad for the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

Samsung’s ad begins with a lady entering a room filled with tin cans, paint, books, damaged wooden planks, and various other objects scattered all around. She carefully walks in, picks up a broken guitar from the ground, and starts playing it. She is humming a song, with a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra on an easel showing the musical notes. “Creativity cannot be crushed,” Samsung says at the end, highlighting its latest flagship tablets equipped with Galaxy AI.

Samsung takes another dig at Apple

Samsung is taking a dig at Apple with this ad. The setup shows the dire state of the room where Apple crushed all those items. The lady in the video is also seated on what appears to be the lower plate of the same hydraulic press Apple used, with paint dried on its walls. The company did all of this in good taste, though. No matter which side you are on, Samsung’s ad is certainly creative while mocking Apple’s weak point again. It has done so on numerous occasions in the past, most notably the iPhone X’s massive notch.

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