Samsung smartwatches and Google Wear OS to dominate wearables market?

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A new report suggests Samsung and Google Wear OS, not Apple Watch, will dominate the smartwatch market. It also indicates that sales are expected to be healthy this year.

Smart wearables propping up the smartwatch market, but not for long

The smartwatch market experienced a surge after the pandemic as buyers regained the freedom to head out freely for outdoor activities. However, last year the wearable market experienced a slight downturn.

Perhaps buyers were sticking to their smartwatches a little longer or manufacturers failed to embed new and attractive features. However, this year is going to be different, a new report from Counterpoint suggests.

The global smartwatch market never went downhill. Overall, the market has been growing steadily. Interestingly, aggressively priced smartwatches have been the main driving factor.

According to the report, basic smartwatches priced mostly under $100, are dominating the smartwatch market. These wearable devices run Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)-type Operating Systems (OS).

In other words, the smartwatch market is being propelled by wearable devices that offer basic functionality and applications.

Manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple remain committed to High-Level Operating Systems or HLOS. Although their market share is smaller in size, these companies command a premium price. It is this segment that’s expected to grow this year.

Google Wear OS to challenge Apple Watch OS?

Perhaps realizing the need for a smartwatch that does multiple jobs well, Google has adopted a new strategy for its Wear OS. Interestingly, even the chipset manufacturers are designing their processors accordingly.

Chipset makers such as Qualcomm and Hengxuan are making “dual-chipsets”. These chipsets support a dual-OS strategy. Simply put, a chipset has a powerful processor, which is paired with a low-power co-processor.

This combination isn’t intended to only boost battery life. Instead, they work with a hybrid version of Wear OS. Simply put, Google has developed a new version of the smartwatch OS to offer smooth integration and switching between RTOS and HLOS.

Rapid switching between these OS helps optimize apps as and when users access them. Moreover, smartwatches can quickly switch between performance mode and efficiency mode. This also helps boost battery life.

This would also allow premium smartwatch makers like Samsung to offer more affordable variants. Meanwhile, smart wearable manufacturers could break into the premium smartwatch market.

Cumulatively, smartwatches running the hybrid variant of Google Wear OS could finally challenge Apple’s dominance, suggest some reports. However, it would be tough for manufacturers to challenge Apple’s Watch OS and its ecosystem.

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