Samsung speaks about the role of AI in wearables

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AI can pretty much be implemented into every aspect of our lives, and that’s For better or worse. When it comes to the health industry, there could definitely be some major benefits. Dr. Hon Pak (SVP and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics) talked with members of Samsung’s Health Advisory Board and talked about how AI can augment wearables (Read the full review here).

Right now, powerful artificial intelligence usually exists on bigger devices. However, that’s been changing over the years. At first, you needed extremely large models held on massive data servers for any sort of generative AI. However, nowadays, it is possible for a smartphone to perform on-device AI through efficient models.

So, AI is reaching smaller form factors. This is relevant because the logical next step for AI is in wearables. Imagine having a generative AI assistant on your Smartwatch. There’s no telling how that could augment (or degrade) your experience.

Samsung speaks about AI and wearables

This isn’t an announcement that Samsung is working on bringing AI to its Galaxy watches. However, with the way that AI is progressing, we shouldn’t be surprised if the company does so in the future.

During the interview, one question asked by Dr. Hon Pak was: “What do you see as the future of health and what role does technology play in it, especially when combined with Generative AI?”

As a response, Professor Myung Jin Chung, Director of Samsung AI Research Center at Samsung Medical Center (SAIC), spoke about the importance of AI when it comes to sifting through and ascertaining health data. We all know that smartwatches are great at collecting a bunch of health data on us. Well, Chung mentioned that AI can better assist in managing the health data collected and help streamline the entire process.

One thing that was brought up by Dr. Michael Blum, M.D., CEO and co-founder of medical analysis platform, BeeKeeper AI, was that AI technology can be instrumental in taking the data collected from SmartWatches and better anticipating certain health issues and diseases.

Right now, it’s not recommended that you use your smartwatch as a replacement for an actual doctor. Even powered by AI, this is true. However, it’s possible that AI could help your smartwatch be a better early detection device.

This is only one example of how AI can be very useful to many people in different ways.

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