Samsung teases new premium smartwatches, hinting at Ultra model

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Samsung may have just confirmed the existence of a third Galaxy Watch 7 model. While we already have credible evidence that the company is readying an Ultra watch, it recently dropped a massive hint from its side. The Korean firm said it plans to bring “new premium” smartwatches to the market this year. It must be referring to the rumored Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, aka Galaxy Watch 7 Pro.

Samsung confirms it is working on new premium smartwatches

For the past few years, Samsung has launched two models of its latest smartwatches. The standard model comes in a sleek design and a smaller size. The other is a more sporty watch with a physical rotating bezel (Classic) or a massive battery (Pro). However, in an unexpected turn of events, rumors suggest the company will launch three models of the Galaxy Watch 7 this year.

Regulatory certifications have already revealed an upcoming Samsung smartwatch (model number SM-L705) with a 600mAh battery. Initially expected to be called the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, it might arrive as the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra or simply the Galaxy Watch Ultra. After all, it will be the first Ultra-branded watch from Samsung. While we wait for confirmation on its name, the company has confirmed the plans.

In its Q1 2024 earnings report, Samsung said that it is looking to strengthen the Galaxy ecosystem experience through new wearable products. It is expanding to a new form factor with the Galaxy Ring. Additionally, it “will strive to meet demand for upgrades through the launch of new premium models” in its smartwatch lineup. The Korean firm appears to be hinting at the third Galaxy Watch 7 model.

It could be a rectangular watch

Samsung’s first Ultra-branded watch could have a square or rectangular shape. While unconfirmed, rumors about it have been around for a long. The company could equip it with a powerful new processor, its first 3nm chip. The watch could also feature 32GB of storage and blood sugar monitoring. From what it looks like, Samsung might be aiming to rival Apple’s Watch Ultra lineup with its upcoming premium smartwatch. We shall find out soon.

Rumors say Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup in the first half of July. The launch event will reportedly take place in Paris, France. The company will also launch the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 foldables at the same event. There are also rumors about a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra. Leaks about these devices might soon pick up intensity as Samsung prepares for the launch. We will keep you posted.

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