Samsung tops the list of best research & innovation brands in 2024

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Samsung has its branding spread across almost everything in the electronics world. Whether it be normal home appliances or smartphones, Samsung has its presence and is even dominating some of the areas. They already secured the tag of the best brand in aspects such as design and innovation in the past. With no surprise, they have now secured the top position in the list of best research and innovation brands for the year 2024.

Samsung is the best research and innovation brand once again

According to Clarivate’s latest list of Top 100 Global Innovators Brands of 2024, Samsung is the best brand for research and innovation. The report lists top one hundred brands for their huge contribution to the field of research and innovation. In the top 5 brands, followed by Samsung, brands such as Canon, Honda, Toyota, and Seiko Epson have secured their positions respectively.

As we look further into the report, we can spot multiple tech brands like Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Toyota, Tencent, Daikin Industries, Zeiss, and a lot more. HONOR has secured the seventh position on the list. Moreover, as many as 38 Japanese-origin brands are there too. It shows how well the Japanese firms are doing in the field of research and innovation.

The United States ranks as the second country with the most contributions, having 17 brands, followed by Taiwan with 11 brands and South Korea with 8 brands, which also includes Samsung.

This is not surprising considering how much Samsung invests into R&D

Well, Samsung being at the top is a very good thing for the brand, but it is not very unexpected either. Samsung boasts a huge team of research and development which focuses on doing innovations each day. The overall portfolio of the brand whether it be patents or standalone research is very huge. Samsung first introduced all, whether it be the first foldable smartphone or innovations such as the first under-display camera in a foldable smartphone i.e., Galaxy Z Fold 3. This shows their research team’s enthusiasm.

The list focuses on tech and electronics as a whole rather than specifically on smartphone research. Samsung Electronics has dominated the list and not any particular division. But when we talk about Samsung Electronics, all the sub-divisions are already included in.

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