Samsung’s Ballie AI robot got a massive upgrade for CES 2024

Ballie 2 CES

Back in 2020, Samsung gave us a sneak peek at an adorable little robot called Ballie. This is a connected AR robot that’s meant to make life just a bit easier for the user. Well, during CES 2024, Samsung unveiled a new upgrade to Ballie that gives it a lot more functionality.

CES 2024 is still going on, and we are at about the halftime. If you want to see news about more technology coming out during this event, be sure to look at our CES page. You’ll be able to see devices like the Lenovo laptop with an E-ink display and the new TCL NXTPAPER tablets coming out.

Samsung unveils new version of Ballie at CES 2024

The company officially announced Ballie back in 2020, and it was pretty interesting. It’s a small spherical robot that’s meant to be a life companion. At least, that’s what the company stated. It’s mobile, and it’s designed to stay with you wherever you are. You can speak to it, and it will respond to you. If you tell it to come to you, it will come to you.

Baillie’s designed to do tasks like remind you of events, patrol home, capture moments via the built-in camera, and much more. It’s a device that didn’t get too much coverage, but it shows that Samsung is focusing on more than just displays and smartphones.

New Ballie

That was an interesting concept presented back in 2020, but Samsung has brought a pretty big update to Ballie, and it’s much more integrated with your everyday life. For starters, the New Ballie is much bigger. There’s a significant size difference between the new version and the older version, and the New Ballie has two wheels up front.

The new version of Ballie is smarter and more capable, leveraging more advanced AI. This is in line with Samsung’s “AI for All” vision. The new Ballie is still able to follow you around and perform all the tasks that it could before. However, this upgrade comes with a projector that can actually project images onto services. So, if you want to protect the video for you, it can do so. That increases its usability much more.

The New Ballie is also more integrated with your smart home. You’re able to use it to control your smart home devices. You can tell it what smart devices you want to control, and it will communicate with them seamlessly. So, if you want it to start our washer and dryer when you’re not home, you can set it to do so. This makes Ballie much more useful, and it was a highlight of CES 2024.

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