Samsung’s Galaxy Ring to be very lightweight, come in many sizes

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During the Galaxy S24 launch last week, Samsung teased its upcoming smart ring. Aptly called Galaxy Ring, it is a fitness and health tracker that you can wear on your finger. However, the company didn’t reveal much about the product’s specs and features. It gave us a glimpse at the first-gen model’s design and confirmed that the ring is coming soon. We now have more details about the Galaxy Ring courtesy of a tech analyst.

Samsung is readying the Galaxy Ring in a lot of sizes

Tech analyst Avi Greengart, who has worked for Intel and JupiterResearch, claims to have recently gotten hands-on experience with Samsung‘s official prototypes of the Galaxy Ring. The company didn’t allow them to take pictures, so the teaser at the Galaxy Unpacked remains the only visual of the product. However, the analyst has something else to share. They say the ring comes in “a lot of” sizes and is “ridiculously” lightweight.

Greengart confirmed that the Galaxy Ring will come in three colors and will be available in sizes up to 13 (22.33mm diameter). The bigger unit could be a little heavier, but Samsung seems to have worked on making the ring comfortable to wear. TM Roh, the company’s head of mobile experience, recently suggested that the ring will be a comprehensive fitness tracker for people who don’t feel comfortable wearing smartwatches while sleeping.

Samsung’s teaser hinted at the presence of a heart rate monitor on the inside of the Galaxy Ring. We also saw pogo pins for charging. The ring is expected to feature blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, activity tracking, and more health features. However, it is unclear whether all sizes will offer the same set of features or if the smaller ones will miss out on a few. The bigger Galaxy Rings might have bigger batteries.

Samsung plans to launch the wearable later this year

As far as the launch date is concerned, all we know is that Samsung plans to bring the Galaxy Ring to the market “later this year.” Pricing details are still a mystery. Whether we will get an official announcement during the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 launch, only time will tell. The new foldables should arrive in late July or early August. We might hear more about the upcoming smart ring, the first product of its kind from Samsung, in the coming months as the company works on it behind the scenes.

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