Save $1,600 on this 77-inch Samsung OLED TV

Samsung S89C TV Discount

Best Buy right now has an amazing deal on the perfect TV for elevating your entertainment experience and is offering a huge discount on the Samsung Class S89C TV. This is a massive 77-inch TV that would be perfect for everything from movies to your favorite TV shows. And of course, it’s sure to be an excellent option for watching the Super Bowl. The big game will begin on February 11 so you still have plenty of time to prepare for it. And if you like to host and have friends over to watch it, you’ll want a nice big TV for everyone to enjoy it on. This TV regularly goes for $3,599.99 but you can currently grab it for $1,600 off, bringing the price down to $1,999.99.

The Samsung S89C will most certainly impress and ensure an enjoyable, immersive experience when watching the Super Bowl. Or anything for that matter. The Samsung S89C is a 4K TV so the resolution quality is going to be pretty nice with some great visual clarity. It’s also an OLED panel which means rich contrasts of color and super deep blacks. That’s going to make all of your content look more vivid. In addition to being an excellent TV for watching movies and TV, this is also a great TV for gaming.

For starters, it has a 120Hz refresh rate. That’s going to be really good for consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. And there are 4 HDMI 2.1 ports on the back so you’ll actually get the 4K 120 frames per second those consoles support. Even if you don’t have a console you can use this TV for games. Thanks to Samsung Gaming Hub, all you need is a game controller to connect to the TV. With Gaming Hub, you have access to various cloud gaming apps like Xbox Game Pass and GeForce NOW. And if you have subscriptions to those services, you can launch a game right on the TV and stream it over the internet. No console required.

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