Score the Apple Watch Series 9 GPS/Cellular for $389 Today Only!

Apple Watch Series 9 Deal

The Apple Watch Series 9 is currently available from Best Buy for a pretty killer discount so this is a deal you definitely want to keep an eye on. Worth noting is that this is for the GPS + Cellular model of the watch, which is why this is such a good deal. Normally you would have to pay $529 for the GPS + Cellular model of this watch if you were paying full retail price. However, Best Buy currently has it on sale for just $389.

That’s a savings of $140. Now worth noting is that this is a limited-time deal that lasts for today only. Specifically, the deal ends in just under 10 hours and 31 minutes at the time of writing. So, if you’re looking for a smartwatch upgrade, then you definitely should consider this if you’re coming from an older Apple Watch, and grab it soon. Not only will it get software updates for a longer period of time, it also has some new features that won’t be available on older models.

One of those is the new double tap gesture. This lets you tap your index finger and thumb together to perform a number of different actions. You can use this to scroll through the smart stack, select items on the smart stack, answer and hang up phone calls, and even pause and play music. These are just a few of the different actions double tap can perform as well.

The watch has other advanced features like sleep tracking, stress monitoring, guided meditation sessions, and tracking for plenty of sports. Of course, it can also receive notifications from your iPhone and even send messages. You can use it for voice calls too. Basically, it’s a catchall for stuff you might normally do with your phone but using the watch provides convenience.

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