Scosche intros new accessories at CES, including modular Qi2 charging system

Scosche BaseLynx 2 0

Scosche just announced some new accessories at CES 2024, including Qi2 ones. This time around, Scosche basically focused on Qi2-certified chargers and charging phone mounts. As a reminder, the wireless power consortium announced Qi2 a year ago, and we’re seeing the first Qi2 devices out there now.

Scosche intros new accessories at CES 2024, led by the BaseLynx 2.0 Qi2 charging station

Scosche BaseLynx 2 0

Let’s kick things off with the most notable product in the lineup, the BaseLynx 2.0. This is a modular charging system with Qi2 wireless charging. As you can see in the image provided above, this charging system has plenty of room for your devices.

This charging system features a Qi2-certified magnetic wireless charging stand, which can simultaneously charge Qi2-enabled phones, along with AirPods, and an Apple Watch. There are four interchangeable, connectable modules here. You’ll be getting 60W of shared power between three USB-C ports. Scosche noted that this product is now available at and select Apple stores.

The MagicMount Elite Charge 3-in-1 stand has also been announced

Scosche MagicMount Elite Charge 3 in 1

If you’re in need of a car mount, Scosche has you covered. The MagicMount Elite Charge 3-in-1 product is here, and it’s shown above. Why is it referred to as ‘3-in-1’? Well, because it offers three in-vehicle mount options: Dash, Locking Vent, and Back of Screen/Tablet. The mount head pivots and slider on an aluminum rail. A cable management system is also built in here.

The company also presented a line-up of MagSafe-compatible MagicMount wireless charging phone mounts. These are made for MagSafe iPhones, but with the included MagicRing Adapter, you can also charge Android devices.

If you need a wall charger, Scosche has you covered

Scosche PowerVolt wall charger

Speaking of charging, the company’s PowerVolt wall chargers are also here. These are GaN chargers, so they’re not only up to speed in the technology sense, but they’re also smaller than they’d be otherwise. Various options are available, from a single-port 30W charger to a 150W four port charger. All of them are made with 75% Certified Post Consumer Recycled Plastics.

The company also introduced some new cables

Scosche StrikeLine cable

Scosche also announced the Scosche PowerVolt 40W dual USB-C port car adapter. The same goes for the Scosche StrikeLine Charge and Sync cables. Two cables were announced, the StrikeLine USB4 High Performance cable and the StrikeLine Cobra magnetic cable.

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