Sign in with Google could be getting an overhaul, very soon

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“Sign in with Google” is undoubtedly one of the best sign-in methods. At least, I think so. Because it’s such a pain to remember login credentials of multiple apps or accounts. Similarly, it also helps you sign up at different sites. And if you use this feature, you’d know that it hasn’t gone through a revamp in a long time. But Google may be considering taking this screen through an overhaul in the coming days. Lately, it’s teasing “A new look is coming soon” on both the desktop and mobile browsers.

Sign in with Google could be getting an overhaul soon

It’s official. Google is telling people they’re making changes by putting up a notice at the top of their sign-in pages. So, Sign in with Google could be getting an overhaul or a minor redesign soon. The banner message is just a heads-up so users aren’t caught off guard when the page gets updated soon.

“Google is improving the sign-in page with a more modern look and feel.” Well, we don’t know how it would look but we guess it might follow the Material You design language, similar to the recent changes in Google Chrome. Android Central explains that Google might ditch the old plain and white designs for more colorful ones everywhere.

It comes as no shocker, given Google’s history of bringing minor or major changes to UI, every once in a while. This may be a part of a similar effort.

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Could Google push passkeys with this move, finally?

Another report by PhoneArena says this redesign might be Google’s way of putting even more focus on using passkeys. Right now, Google’s sign-in pages suggest using them, but it feels like they’re not the main option.

For those unaware, Google began prompting users to use Passkeys last October and made them the default for all Google users. Now, with the upcoming redesign, Passkeys might become even more prominent. Until then, we’ll have to wait to see how Google pulls off Sign In with Google’s overhaul.

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