Snag the 512GB Pixel 7 Pro for $400 off while you can

Google Pixel 7 Pro Discount

Google’s Pixel 7 Pro is available at a pretty steep discount right now over at Amazon, and this is a deal you will not want to pass up. For clarification, this is for the 512GB model of the phone and that’s what makes this such a good deal. It’s also a limited-time discount. Which means it won’t stick around for long. And at this price, there’s a good chance it might disappear due to low stock.

With that out of the way, the Pixel 7 Pro 512GB model normally retails for $1,099.99. But you can currently save $400 on it and get it for $699 instead. That’s cheaper than you can get the 128GB model of the Pixel 8 Pro. That’s a good reason to get this device if you have an older phone that needs to be updated. The Pixel 7 Pro is loaded with great features and still has some of the best smartphone cameras in the industry.

We loved the improved battery life over the Pixel 6 Pro and Google finally added a macro mode to this device. Something that users had been requesting for quite some time. The camera has other cool features too, like the Super Res Zoom for extra close-up photos. With all the neat camera features and with how good the photo quality is, you’re going to want to use the camera more. And you’ll be glad this device has 512GB of storage when that happens. As they can take up quite a bit of space.

Worth noting is that this price for the phone is only on the Snow and Hazel colors of the phone. If you prefer the Obsidian model, it’s not discounted to $699 but it is still on sale with the price at $709. So it’s only $10 more.

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