Some Galaxy S24 units are shipping early

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Most major tech launches aren’t without some sort of ordering issues. A lot of the time, very popular devices deal with delayed shipments. In the case of the Galaxy S24 series phones, it seems to be a pretty mixed bag. Many people who ordered the Galaxy S24 Ultra are dealing with some late shipments. Some users will not be receiving their devices until well over a month after the projected delivery dates. This is unfortunate for people who are eagerly awaiting their devices. However, the other Galaxy S24 models are shipping early for some users.

If you want to get your Galaxy S24 as early as possible, then you’ll want to put in your pre-order as soon as possible. These are the latest and greatest phones from Samsung, and they bring a lot of powerful AI tools to help streamline the whole experience. Using the links below, you can get $50 off of your order. The Galaxy S24 starts at $799 for the base model, and that can only get better if you have trade-ins. Be sure to check out the site.

Pre-order the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Pre-order the Galaxy S24/S24+

The Galaxy S24 is shipping early for some folks

The reason the Galaxy S24 Ultra is experiencing shipping delays could be that the phone is so popular that Samsung is struggling to keep it in stock. However, at Android Headlines, we ordered a base Galaxy S24. As of today, it’s already shipped, and the projected delivery date is Friday, January 26th. That’s much earlier than what was originally projected. The phone wasn’t even supposed to ship until Monday, January 29th. So, eager customers may be getting a surprise by the end of the week.

Galaxy S24 order early

What does this phone have to offer?

This year, Samsung focused a lot on AI technology for its phones. Using Google’s Gemini Nano LLM, the phone is capable of some generative AI. So, there are features involving on-device translation and text generation. Here’s a rundown of the AI features that Samsung announced during this past Galaxy Unpacked event.

The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ will get the mass majority of these new AI tools (the AI camera features are reserved for the Ultra model). So you won’t be missing out on a lot by getting any of the more affordable models.

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