Sonos Era 100 drops to its Best Price of the Year – $199

sonos era 100

One of the newer speakers from Sonos, the Era 100, is now on sale for just $199 at Best Buy. That is the best price of the year and one of the few price drops Sonos products typically receives. Sonos doesn’t often discount their speakers, so seeing this at even $50 off is a pretty good deal.

The Sonos Era 100 is basically the company’s replacement for the PLAY:1 or One speakers that they’ve sold previously. It’s a small-ish speaker, but it still sounds incredible, and it has finely tuned stereo sound with rich bass that is going to sound incredible to your ears.

One of the things that sets Sonos apart is that they stream music over WiFi versus using Bluetooth. There’s more bandwidth for streaming over WiFi, which allows Sonos speakers to sound better, and they can also stream lossless audio much easier. That also plays into their multi-room audio feature, which Sonos is pretty well-known for, and they sued Google about it.

With multi-room audio, you could pick up two Era 100 speakers and pair it with a Beam 2 or an Arc for surround sound in your man cave. Or have speakers throughout your home and have them sync to play music at the same time. That’s a really cool way to play music for a party. The possibilities are truly endless here.

Sonos also sells the Era 100 – and the rest of its lineup – in either black or white. So you can choose the color that best fits your aesthetic.

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