Spotify brings its Jam feature to desktop

Spotify desktop new ui

Don’t you wish that you could tune in to a listening session that your friend is having from across town? Well, Spotify introduced the Jam feature a while back. This feature allows people to listen to the same playlist across devices. Well, Spotify just announced that Jam is making it to desktop users.

Spotify introduced this feature for the Android and iOS apps in September of last year. If you want to host a Jam, you can simply choose a specific song or playlist, tap on the Start a Jam option, and the session will be open for people to join. In order to join, a user would need to either follow the link that you sent or scan the QR code on your device. Then, the music will sync between your device and the other person’s device.

Now, the Spotify Jam feature is making it to the desktop

On Thursday, Spotify announced that Jam is making it to the desktop application for Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS. Just like on phones, you’ll be able to start a Jam from a song or a playlist. The process of starting a Jam isn’t very different from how it is on phones. Simply open the app, find the song or playlist you want to stream, right-click it, and select the Start a Jam button. Just like on the mobile app, you’ll have the option to either share a link or scan a QR code.

There is another change coming as well

In the blog post where Spotify announced this news, the company also let us know that it’s changing up the UI a bit. The company introduced its new queue experience. This new experience sees the queue being moved all the way to the right side of the screen. This will give the listener a bit more flexibility, as they’re able to interact with the rest of the app while the queue remains on the side.

However, this new change isn’t for everyone. There have been several Redditors who do not like this change.

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