Spotify users in the UK can now enjoy video-based educational courses

Video courses on Spotify

Spotify, known primarily for music streaming, is venturing into educational content with the launch of video-based courses in the U.K. Teaming up with educational tech companies such as BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Skillshare, and Thinkific, Spotify aims to offer users a diverse range of learning opportunities covering topics divided into four different categories – make music, get creative, learn business, and healthy living.

Both premium subscribers and free users will need to purchase the courses

The new feature allows U.K. users to access video courses alongside their favorite music and podcasts directly within the Spotify app. Spotify aims to tap into its highly engaged user base and offer them quality educational content tailored to their interests.

Both premium subscribers and free users will need to purchase the courses. However, Spotify noted that users will be able to try at least two lessons per course for free before making the decision to purchase additional lessons. Engadget notes that the series will range in price from £20 ($25) to £80 ($101), regardless of a person’s subscription tier.

The inclusion of video-based courses on Spotify presents a significant opportunity for educational creators to reach a broader audience and expand their impact. Spotify notes that half of Spotify Premium subscribers engage with education or self-help-themed podcasts. So, there is a clear demand for educational content within the platform’s user base. A Spotify representative told The Verge that the reason behind this foray into educational content is the convenience for users to have more in a single app and also that they will be able to remind users about their courses.

However, the rollout of video-based courses on Spotify comes with some challenges, particularly regarding in-app purchases. Due to Apple and Google‘s transaction fees, users on iOS and Android cannot make purchases directly within the app.

How to make the purchase on Android and iOS?

Spotify has implemented workarounds such as sending purchase links via email on Android. On iOS, Spotify cannot do the same, thanks to Apple’s policies. iOS users can, however, users can visit Spotify’s web interface and get it done from there.

In terms of moderation, Spotify will enforce its platform policies to ensure that courses adhere to its guidelines. Additionally, users will have access to a reporting mechanism to flag any content that violates Spotify’s rules. While Spotify is taking a commission on courses sold through its platform, the exact percentage remains undisclosed.

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