Spotify Wrapped 2022 starts rolling out today!

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Spotify has already started to roll out its annual Wrapped series. Showing you how much music you listened to this year, and what your tastes were in 2022. It’s a pretty big deal actually, especially on Twitter. In fact the hashtag, #SpotifyWrapped is already trending on Twitter. And it’ll likely be trending for a few days. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, since Spotify does have 433 million subscribers.

New this year, Spotify is adding a “music personality” feature to Wrapped. This is a Myers-Briggs-eque system that will analyze how you listen and assigns you one of 16 flattering categories. These include things like Adventurer, Fanclubber or Specialist. This is likely going to be a bit feature for Spotify Wrapped this year, as the younger generation love to be categorized.

This year, Spotify Wrapped will also include a breakdown of listeners’ habits throughout the day. That includes breaking down which music moods you gravitate toward in the morning, afternoon and night. Spotify is also bringing back artist messages, that allow stars like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and others to thank their listeners for listening to them for so long on Spotify.

How can I find my Spotify Wrapped

As usual, Spotify Wrapped is only in the Spotify app on iPhone, iPad and Android. So you’ll need to open the app to find it. But once you do, it should show up in the very center of the main home page of the app. Just tap on that and you’ll be taken into your Spotify Wrapped.

It’s a pretty cool recap that Spotify includes, and it has gained a lot of features over the years. Making it even more impressive. Though a lot of people like to share on Twitter how many minutes they spent listening to songs on Spotify. So it’s another way of bragging, but it’s also free marketing for Spotify.

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