Super Flower announces monster 2800W PSU at Computex

Super Flower Leadex VII 2800W PSU

Computex has seen a wide array of PC parts being revealed and this includes a monster PSU from Super Flower called the Leadex VII, capable of putting out a whopping 2800W of power (much more than the output of ASUS’s new ROG Thor III). You might be asking yourself, what in the world could need that much power output from a power supply? And the answer to that question is more along the lines of AI workstation setups.

Even the most beastly of gaming PCs generally don’t need nearly this much power. Especially since this PSU is capable of powering up to four NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards at the same time.

The Leadex VII features full Japanese capacitors in addition to support for ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards. Making this a future-proof option for anyone who has need for 2800W of power. The Leadex VII also comes with an 80Plus Platinum certification. Additionally, the PSU has 12V 2×6 power connectors and fluid dynamic bearing fans with copper shafts. Super Flower hasn’t announced any pricing or availability details about this PSU just yet.

Super Flower is revealing more than a 2800W PSU

A 2800W PSU isn’t going to be of much use to gamers, seeing as you don’t really need a PSU that supports multi-GPU setups anymore. However, Super Flower is announcing more than just this new PSU at Computex this week.

The company is also announcing three separate cooling products and a PC case. The PC case is called the Zillion Direct and comes with heat sinks on both the front and top of the case. You can also remove these heatsinks if you need or want to for any reason. Additionally, there’s a removable mesh panel that sits at the front of the case. This attaches magnetically so it’s easy to take off and put back when you need to. Speaking of removable parts, both the side and top panels are removable as well.

This will make for easy access to the components inside the case if you need to swap anything out. Or if you’re just looking to give your PC a good cleaning. Now in terms of space, there’s plenty of room for everything inside. The Zillion Direct will support graphics cards up to 390mm so you should have no trouble getting an RTX 4090 in there. It also has room for up to 180mm air coolers.

Super Flower Zillion Direct

Super Flower has what your rig needs to keep cool

For cooling, Super Flower has announced three different cooling products. The Cooldex DT8 Max, the Cooldex AIO-420, and the Megacool Reverse Fan 120mm. What’s neat about the Megacool fan is that it uses a reverse rotation design. Super Flower says this allows the fan to reach reverse efficiency of up to 80%. Airflow adjustment is also manageable via remote to make things as convenient as possible.

When it comes to the Cooldex AIO-420, this all-in-one CPU cooler features three fans, and it even has an LCD panel that you can use to keep tabs on performance stats. It’s also possible to customize the pump head design with your own animations if you like to personalize your PC’s style in every way you can.

Super Flower doesn’t have prices available for either of these products yet. It does however appear to have a price on the Cooldex DT8 Max. This will retail for $89.99 and it comes with a dual-tower design with eight heat pipes. It also comes with a copper shaft and the fan fins are completely soldered on so you know they’re not going anywhere.

Super Flower Cooldex DT8 Max
Super Flower Cooldex AIO 420
Super Flower Megacool Reverse Fan 120mm

Super Flower Cooldex DT8 Max
Super Flower Cooldex AIO 420
Super Flower Megacool Reverse Fan 120mm

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