T-Mobile announces a new ‘Home Internet Backup’ plan

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Yesterday, T-Mobile launched a new plan called Home Internet Backup. The new plan is said to cater to traditional ISP customers who rely upon cable or fiber as their primary internet connectivity source.

T-Mobile announces a new internet backup plan to save you during unexpected outages

Over five million T-Mobile customers have benefitted from unlimited broadband plans like Home Internet and Home Internet Plus. However, the newly launched Home Internet Backup plan doesn’t serve as the primary source of connection. Rather, it will provide ISP customers with an “affordable, reliable, backup 5G internet connection.”

Notably, it will come in handy when the primary internet source faces outages. The new plan from T-Mobile costs $30 per month with Autopay. Those with an eligible T-Mobile voice line will have to pay $20 every month with Autopay for a limited period.

What are the perks? The backup internet plan offers 130GB of 5G data per month which T-Mobile says is “enough to keep a typical household connected with Wi-Fi for up to seven days a month.” In addition, customers won’t have to pay for additional equipment fees. In other words, customers subscribed to the new plan will get the gateway router that connects to the cellular data network from T-Mobile. The smartphone carrier also promises an easy self-installation process that gets you browsing-ready in “15 minutes or less.”

The company has detailed the reason behind it, too

T-Mobile has also detailed the reason behind the introduction of the new backup internet plan. Quoting a piece of data published by CivicScience, it says “nearly 20% of internet users in the US faces outage at least a few times a month.” This has affected nearly every customer at the most inconvenient times and hampered their productivity.

In short, the new backup internet plan saves you in such situations and offers peace of mind. The new plan is available for purchase starting today, June 6, in T-Mobile stores and online via chat on the new plan’s webpage which is not live at the time of writing this piece. It might go live soon, though.

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