T-Mobile confirms the price increase for its older plans

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A lot of rumors were making rounds on the internet aiming towards the upcoming price increase in the plans of T-Mobile carrier. T-Mobile has announced that is going to hike the prices of its Simple Choice, ONE and other older plans.

T-Mobile’s older plans are going to see a price increase

T-Mobile will start notifying all the affected users who are on older plans regarding the price increase. The notification will be sent via text SMS. The price hike will be applicable from as early as next month’s billing cycle i.e. June 5th. All subscribers will receive the price hike details and updated price information as soon as possible.

T-Mobile is raising prices of older plans, including T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice, and Magenta. The users will have the freedom to move to other plans if they aren’t ready to pay for the increased monthly fees. The carrier is increasing prices for Simple Choice and ONE plans by $2 to $5 per line. If you have five lines on your plan for example, then you will now have to pay up to $25 more.

While T-Mobile is raising prices on some plans, it’s unclear whether price-protected plans will be affected. The popular ONE plan was supposedly protected by the 2017 “Un-Contract Promise” which guaranteed customer control over pricing. Under this, if your account was activated between January 2017 and April 28, 2022, T-Mobile will cover your final month’s bill if they raise prices and you notify them within 60 days.

The carrier is ready for customer backlash

T-Mobile said this is the first time in a decade it is raising the price of its monthly plan. The firm reacted to customer concern via social media, claiming that it was altering prices due to increased costs. It stressed its dedication to providing the best value in postpaid wireless, claiming that customers receive more for their money than ever before, especially when taxes and fees are included. T-Mobile says it’s ready to face the backlash.

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