Teachers fear that TikTok ban will hurt education in US

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Fearful TikTok creators are concerned about the potential ban of the popular short-content platform. One of the concerns expressed by people is the loss of learning opportunities for children. With the platform deemed a national security threat by the US government, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, will soon face a ban, unless it chooses to sell the platform to an American entity.

Teachers say that children will lose countless learning opportunities if there’s no TikTok

Several TikTokers have voiced fears about a ban in a Reuters article headlined “Content creators worry about miseducation in a world without TikTok”. One public school teacher from a rural Southern town saw her TikTok following skyrocket as she used the platform to teach grammar lessons to her students. Like so many others, the ban might cripple all her educational endeavors now that they have over 5.8 million followers.

Dr. Youn, who has 8.4 million followers on TikTok, uses his page to educate people and share some insights with them. He underscores how important it is to have access to this social application for news purposes, especially for youngsters. A different user who has up to 1M followers targets issues like Transgenderism and Body Image through Tiktok, teaching kids during their formative years.

However, Karen North from the University of Southern California is worried about privacy hazards on TikTok. Although it is useful as an educational tool, she cautions against voluntarily providing personal information to a platform that may not abide by the United States’ privacy regulations.

The uncertainty about TikTok’s future in the US is making educators anxious

The potential prohibition of TikTok makes one wonder what the future holds for social media and freedom of expression in general. The creators are concerned about the effects of banning TikTok or selling it to a US-based company on educational content and information access. The uncertainty surrounding the future of TikTok raises broader questions about digital platforms and individual freedoms.

As TikTok nears its climax in the US, its worth as an education tool is under discussion by creators and teachers alike. These talks will not only determine what will happen to TikTok but also shape online learning and information flow for years to come.

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