Tesla owners warned against using Apple Vision Pro while driving

Apple Vision Pro

Tesla owners have received a stern reminder about the importance of keeping their eyes on the road after videos surfaced of drivers wearing Apple‘s virtual reality (VR) headset while driving.

US Secretary for Transport Pete Buttigieg took to X (formerly Twitter) to emphasize that all current vehicles, including those equipped with advanced driver assistance systems, require the driver’s full engagement at all times. Despite warnings from officials and manufacturers, some individuals are using the Apple headset while operating vehicles in autonomous mode, prompting concerns about safety and legal compliance.

The incidents in question involve videos circulating online depicting an individual seated in a Tesla Cybertruck, wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset while driving the car. Secretary Buttigieg reposted the video, underscoring the necessity for drivers to remain in control of the vehicles regardless of their autonomous capabilities. However, in a twist, one driver admitted that his video was a prank, suggesting that he wore the headset for a brief period while driving. This raises questions about the potential consequences of such actions and the need for greater awareness regarding responsible vehicle operation.

Wearing Apple Vision Pro while driving obstructs your vision both with its function and technical limitation

Both Tesla and Apple have been approached for comment regarding these incidents. While Tesla’s stance emphasizes the driver’s responsibility to maintain control of the vehicle, even with autonomous features enabled, Apple’s user guide explicitly warns against using the headset while driving. The intersection of emerging technologies like VR with conventional transportation raises complex safety and regulatory challenges that both companies must address.

Apple’s VR headset, known as the Apple Vision Pro, recently debuted in the US with a price tag of $3,499 (£2,749). Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says that this “spatial computing” focused device will soon launch in the Chinese market as well.

While Apple has touted its capabilities for various immersive experiences, including gaming and productivity, users should stay away from certain scenarios like using it while driving or even walking on the road.

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