The AI Pin will integrate with Google Photos and Contacts

AI Pin Official

The Humane AI Pin is soon to be out in circulation, and the company is continuing to send out updates and new functionality to this device. A new update coming to the device will integrate it with some important Google services. According to a new report, the AI Pin will integrate with Google Photos and Contacts.

In case you don’t know what the Humane AI Pin is, it’s a pendant that you attach to your clothes. This pendant has several sensors including a microphone and a camera. It can use these sensors to observe the world. The AI Pin can contact AI models in the cloud and provide answers to questions that you ask it. It basically brings the utility of ChatGPT into the real world.

The AI Pin costs $699 to buy, and it comes with several accessories like a charging case, two battery boosters, Etc. Also, in order to use the device, you will need to pay a $24 monthly fee for wireless connectivity.

The AI Pin will integrate with Google Photos and Contacts

Looking at this device, it seems odd that it will eventually integrate with Google Photos, as it does not have a screen. However, it won’t display photos.

The AI Pin actually has a pretty capable 13-megapixel camera with a wide 120° field of view. You shouldn’t expect Pixel-level quality, but the camera definitely gets the job done. When you take a picture, the onboard software will perform color correction, denoising, and other automatic edits. This is so that you can use the camera as an actual camera and not just a device to scan objects.

Well, when you connect the Humane.Center web portal to your Google account, The AI Pin will automatically upload the pictures you take to Google Photos. It will do this once you connect to Wi-Fi. So, if you have to hastily take a picture of something using your AI Pin, you will be able to see it uploaded to your Google Photos feed.

Google Contacts

Connecting your Google account will also give the AI Pin access to your Google contacts. You will be able to sync your contacts to the device, so you will be able to quickly contact them via voice commands.

Say, you want to call your sister. Well, you will be able to tell the AI Pin to call your sister, and it will immediately place a call because your sister’s contact information has been synced.

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