The appeal against potential TikTok ban will occur in September

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The date on which TikTok will be able to appeal its potential ban in the United States has been revealed. The company and other interested parties will take their arguments to court in September. The current ruling against TikTok will prohibit it from operating in the North American country if it does not change its current ownership.

This year, US lawmakers pushed a bill against TikTok. The objective was to prevent it from continuing to operate in the US under its current administration. According to the law’s promoters, it all stems from concerns about the Chinese government’s access to the personal data of Americans. Currently, the short video platform has around 170 million users in the US. In addition, it is especially popular among young audiences.

The potential access to American data and ability to influence young people led to rapid approval of the bill by the White House. On April 24, President Joe Biden signed the law. The entire process occurred over a period of a few weeks. The law passed says TikTok must have new ownership without ties to China. Otherwise, the service will not be able to continue operating in the US as of January 15, 2025.

The TikTok ban appeal will take place in September

This month, TikTok and content creators filed an appeal against the law. Now, a court has determined that the date on which TikTok and all interested parties (including creators) will be able to present their appeal arguments against the ban will be September. The appeal is based on the fact that TikTok has had “a profound effect on American life.”

The court also revealed a schedule of legal requirements to continue the process. According to the schedule, all parties on the TikTok side must file the legal briefs on June 20. On the other hand, the Justice Department will do so on July 26. Reply briefs must be submitted before August 15.

Both sides want a quick response

There is something that TikTok and the Justice Department agree on streamlining the process. Both parties want a final ruling before December 6. This will allow time for a potential review by the Supreme Court before the deadline established by law. For its part, The White House affirms that the law does not seek to prohibit the platform but rather to change ownership. However, TikTok’s Chinese parent company (TikTok) has strongly opposed the sale.

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