The best deal in gaming? The 57″ Odyssey Neo G9 drops to $1,800

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 57 Pre Order

It’s not often that you find a deal like the one Samsung is currently offering on the 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor. And that’s precisely why you can’t afford to miss this deal. Because they don’t come around too often. The Odyssey Neo G9 is one massive monitor for your gaming needs and it comes with an equally massive price tag of $2,500. At least, that’s the regular price tag for it. Samsung is currently having a sale that has dropped the price by $700 so you can grab this awesome gaming monitor for just $1,800.

That’s honestly really good pricing and if you’ve been on the hunt for something to upgrade your setup, well, then look no further. This is certainly going to get the job done on that front. Aside from being a huge 57-inch monitor though, there are lots of other really great features and specs. First things first, it features Dual 4K resolution and it has a refresh rate of 240Hz. Not only will games look visually impressive but the ones that support fast frame rates will look super smooth. No more having to deal with choppy visuals because your monitor only has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

One of the coolest features of this monitor though, is the picture-by-picture mode. As someone who has their PS5 and their PC on the same desk, I’m often switching between them to go back and forth between gaming on one and then going back to watch something on the other. With the picture-by-picture mode, you can run pictures from multiple inputs at the same time. So this feature allows me to have the PC running a video on one side while I play the PS5 on the other. It’s pretty neat and can really help if you like to bring up game guides or just have something to watch while you play. It’s like having two monitors, but without needing two monitors.

There’s also the really cool core lighting ring feature on the back. This can mimic the colors happening on screen for a more immersive effect for your games and movies. And it’s a lot cooler than you might expect.

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