The first foldable iPhone faces further delays

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We’ve seen quite a few reports regarding the foldable iPhone thus far. Several of them surfaced this month. One claimed that it’s coming in 2026, the other in 2027. A new report just surfaced saying that the first foldable iPhone is facing further delays.

The very first foldable iPhone is facing further delays

This report comes from Alpha Biz, and says that Apple executives adjusted the launch schedule for the company’s first foldable iPhone. It was moved from the fourth quarter of 2026 to the first quarter of 2027. That info is a bit more specific than we’ve had before.

Why did that happen? Well, it seems like Apple had issues getting the parts for the device, including foldable displays that meet the company’s standards.

Analysts are quite skeptical

Analysts are very skeptical when it comes to the foldable iPhone, though. They fear that Apple’s engineers may be too picky, and not consider the tech currently available to be enough in terms of quality and durability.

That is not hard to believe, as a rumor surfaced not long ago, claiming that Apple actually suspended the development of a foldable iPhone due to such reasons. One of the displays they tested did not meet their standards.

One report indicated that one of Samsung’s panels “broke down after a few days”, notes MacRumors. This happened during Apple’s rigorous testing. Situations like these could force Apple to ditch the project, at least temporarily, which could cause further delays.

Apple is actually considering launching two foldable devices

Do note that Apple is allegedly considering releasing two devices. One of them would have a 6-inch external display, and an 8-inch internal one. This would be a book-style foldable iPhone, basically.

A foldable iPad is also in consideration by the company, which would replace the iPad Mini. That doesn’t make much sense as the iPad Mini has an 8.3-inch display, which is barely bigger than the one expected in a foldable iPhone. Either way, we’ll see.

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