The Galaxy A55 gets a high repairability score in teardown

Samsung Galaxy A55 Teardown

The Samsung Galaxy A55 sits fresh in the mid-range Samsung lineup, and it packs quite a few features for the price, including an aluminum frame, a Gorilla Glass Victus+, and more. However, like with any smartphone, its repairability plays a huge role in the whole experience. Well, the Galaxy A55 just got a high repairability score during a teardown.

The Galaxy A55 teardown shows that it’s easy to repair

The Samsung Galaxy A55 recently underwent a teardown journey, and the video offers an inside look at the phone’s components, and why it earns a high repairability score. The sole credit of the Samsung A55 teardown goes to a YouTuber who runs a channel named PBK Reviews.

In the 10-minute long video, the YouTuber begins by removing the SIM tray, which gives us a glimpse of the device’s water resistance visible inside the components. There’s a rubber gasket around the opening to keep water and dust out of the phone. Inside, we see all the bits and bobs that make the Galaxy A55 work, like the camera parts and the NFC antenna. The video even zoomed in on the cameras, showing off their cool features, like how it keeps your photos steady even if your hand isn’t.

And, it wasn’t just the big stuff that got attention. The charging port and the microphone also caught our eyes in the video. In addition, the phone’s clever cooling system — a copper vapor chamber — was revealed, which is what makes things work when the phone gets hot under the collar.

The Galaxy A55 earned an 8.5 out of 10 in repairability

Best of all, the Galaxy A55 got top marks for repairability, scoring an impressive 8.5 out of 10. That means if something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world. With a little know-how, anyone can fix it up well as new. For better reference, you should note that the Fairphone 5 (2023) scores a staggering 10 out of 10 by iFixit.

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