The Galaxy S24 has improved ray tracing, adds AI game features

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Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S24 series of devices today, and they come with improvements to ray tracing to make your gaming experiences feel even more immersive and look better than ever before. This improved ray tracing support should be available across all devices as they all come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. However, Samsung seems to reference the Galaxy S24 Ultra with an Exynos chip during its Unpacked live stream. Compared to last year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has 53% faster ray tracing performance thanks to the new ray tracing module that the company is using.

Worth noting, however, is that Samsung confirms actual user performance will vary based on a number of factors. This will include things like “user environment, conditions, and pre-installed applications and software,” Samsung says. In practice, users should see improvements to the realism of lighting effects, shadows, and reflections when the ray tracing is on compared to when it’s off. This will depend on the game though. As not all games support ray tracing. Especially on mobile devices.

Samsung does confirm that it’s working with multiple partners to further this set of gaming enhancements. Stating that it’s working with game studios, publishers, and game engine companies to increase the amount of ray tracing-enhanced experiences users will have on their phones. Some of those partners include Blizzard with Diablo Immortal, Netease with Racing Master, Tencent with Arena Breakout, and Wemade with Night Crows. The company expects to get more studios and publishers onboard in the future.

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In addition to ray tracing, the Galaxy S24 series has a wider vapor chamber for sustained performance

Samsung’s Galaxy S devices have generally been fitted with the best possible chipsets at the time. The case is no different this year. And all three phones will make great devices for mobile gaming. But they’ll need to do more than just perform. They’ll also need to perform for extended periods. Samsung knows people can sometimes play mobile games for longer sessions. So to help with sustained performance, it’s added a wider vapor chamber to the Galaxy S24 series.

This will help with cooling efficiency and ensure that the phones don’t get too hot while gaming. As it helps to disperse heat more efficiently from the device. The vapor chamber isn’t doing all of the work though. Samsung says the Galaxy S24 series has a redesigned structure that includes a POP TIM, and a Liquid Type TIM. These together with the vapor chamber surround the APU and push heat away from it in two separate directions. This should help for more sustained high performance. But again, this could vary by user depending on what they’re playing and how long they play.

An NPU helps optimize battery life efficiency

To even further enhance the gaming experience, Samsung’s Galaxy AI-powered NPU (neural processing unit) optimizes the battery life efficiency so you can play games for longer before the device needs a recharge. This isn’t too unlike what Intel has done with its Core Ultra CPUs that also come with an NPU.

Samsung says all these things make the Galaxy S24 series the “best smartphone for gamers.” Real-world performance might tell a different story, but it’s too soon to tell. It’s also worth noting some gamers may value more gaming-centric features. And it will certainly be hard to topple mobile gaming powerhouses like ASUS’s ROG Phone series, which includes the newly launched ROG Phone 8 and ROG Phone 8 Pro. Still, there’s no doubt these will end up being great devices to game on. Whether customers feel they’re the “best” or not. You can pre-order the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, as well as the Galaxy S24 Ultra starting today.

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