The Galaxy S24 series broke the Galaxy S23’s pre-sale record

Samsung Galaxy S24 series AM AH 005

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 Series began on January 19th, and loads of people have been getting their pre-orders in. Despite there not being many hardware changes, Samsung Galaxy fans seem to be really responding to this phone series. According to a new report, the Galaxy S24 broke the pre-order record set by its predecessors.

Galaxy S24 pre-orders have closed, so if you’re interested in getting your order in early, you missed your shot. However, general sales of these phones will begin on January 31st. That’s next Wednesday, so if you’re eager to order your new phone, there’s not much longer to wait. In case you’re wondering, the base Galaxy S24 starts at $799.

The Galaxy S24 series pre-order records

Year over year for the past couple of years, Samsung Galaxy S phones have been selling progressively more during pre-sale. This is all despite Samsung not doing much to innovate on the designs of these phones. In any case, the Galaxy S24 phones are extremely popular.

Samsung announced a ton of AI features that will come loaded on these phones. These involve text generation, text translation, and other useful tools. Also, these phones launch with the interesting Circle to search feature which will make it to other phones as time goes on.

Looking at the sales numbers, the Galaxy S24 series sold 1.21 million units during the pre-order period. This is a bit higher than the Galaxy S23 series’ 1.09 million units. This shows an upward trend in Galaxy phone pre-orders, as the Galaxy S22 series sold 1.01 million units during the presale, and the Galaxy S21 series sold 800,000 units. So, despite their lack of hardware innovation, the Galaxy S24 phones are proving to be extremely popular.

Which phone took home the gold? There’s no surprise there

Of the three models sold, it should come as no shock that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the one that takes home the gold. In fact, it accounted for 60% of the pre-orders. That’s a massive chunk of the market. As always, the Ultra market consists of people who want the largest display combined with the market of people who still want to use a Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy S24+ came in second place, making up 21% of the pre-orders. This version of the phone brought some updates over the Galaxy S23+ including a sharper QHD+ display.

Lastly, the base Galaxy S24 made up 19% of the pre-orders. It shows that more Galaxy phone owners prefer to have larger phones with more storage and RAM than smaller versions. This is all despite the higher price tags.

In any case, the Galaxy S24 series is positioned to be a collection of some of the most powerful and popular devices of 2024. The year has just begun, and we’re all getting ready to see more exciting devices that will give these phones a run for their money.

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