The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the best-selling Android phone in Q1 2024

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Market research firm Counterpoint Research has shared the list of top 10 best-selling smartphones worldwide for Q1 2024. The Galaxy S24 series previously broke pre-order records in many countries. Now the list from Counterpoint Research reveals that the $1,300 Galaxy S24 Ultra was the best-selling Android phone for the period.

Galaxy S24 Ultra becomes the best-selling phone of Q1 2024 from the world of Android

The Galaxy S24 Ultra ranks in the fifth position below three iPhone 15 models and the iPhone 14. The iPhone 15 Pro Max ranked first (4.4%), the iPhone 15 ranked second (4.3%), the iPhone 15 Pro ranked third (3.7%), and the iPhone 14 ranked fourth (1.9%). The Galaxy S24 Ultra ranked fifth, with a 1.9% share of sales.

Looking at the top four positions of the top 10 best-selling smartphones, it may seem that Apple has significantly outperformed Samsung in earning people’s trust. However, Samsung alone has launched way more models across different price ranges, and there are a number of great alternatives from multiple Android OEMs in every price bracket.

As a result, unit sales of individual models in the Android space are generally diluted. On the other hand, iPhones achieve higher sales per model and occupy the top positions. Nevertheless, it’s still noteworthy to see the $1,300 Galaxy S24 Ultra in the fifth position among the best-selling phones worldwide.

In Q1 2023, the Galaxy S23 Ultra ranked sixth on the list of the global top 10 best-selling smartphones. This isn’t an entirely new development, nor is it solely due to the popularity of Galaxy AI. Instead, it highlights people’s preference for a Galaxy flagship over its competitors. Notably, Samsung is the only brand representing Android in this list.

The competition between Apple and Samsung is similar to Q1 2023

Alongside the flagships, there are some affordable Galaxy devices – the Galaxy A15 5G (6th), Galaxy A54 (7th), Galaxy A34 (10th). The Galaxy S24 also appears on the list occupying the 9th position. The iPhone 15 Plus sits in the 8th position between the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy S24.

Speaking of iPhones, the story is very similar to last year. Last year’s base iPhone model ranked in the fourth position and the current generation ‘Plus’ model occupied a position towards the bottom of the list. You can see the full list below.

Top 10 smartphones in Q1 2024
Credit: Counterpoint

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