The Google Photos My Week feature could let you like photos

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Google Photos is a great platform, but it’s also always evolving. We’ve been following rumors of a new feature coming to the platform called My Week. Well, according to a new report, the My Week feature could let you like photos and videos. This will bring it more in line with a social media platform.

You should note that this information came from an APK deep dive. As such, you want to take this news cautiously. An APK deep dive is when an individual decompiles the code in an app to see what potential features could be coming to it. However, this is not objective proof that the features will come. Since this has not officially been announced by Google, the company can change or take it away at any moment.

The Google Photos My Week feature could let you like photos and videos

Right now, if you are sharing photos in a Google Photos group, you have the ability to like and comment on them. This adds a bit of a community aspect to the app. However, outside of that, the platform is mostly used for you to save and store your media.

Well, as discovered by PiunikaWeb, version of Google Photos, the latest version, has code in it pointing to additional functionality coming to the rumored My Week feature.

For starters, the My Week feature is an upcoming addition to Google Photos that will send highlights of your week to contacts you designate. So, people will get a bit of a highlight reel of the pictures and videos that you took throughout the week. Well, the APK deep dive uncovered code hinting at the ability to like the photos and videos people received in the highlights. This will add more of a social media aspect to the app.

At this point, we don’t know too much about this feature or when we expect Google to launch it. However, Google I/O is right around the corner, and this is the type of announcement that Google will make during that event (well, somewhere amongst the deluge of AI announcements we expect).

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