The Google Pixel 8 at $500 is a no-brainer deal

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The Google Pixel 8 is easily one of the best phones available right now and Amazon is currently offering a screaming deal on it. This is a phone that regularly costs $700 for the base model storage. Which, honestly isn’t that bad. 128GB  is going to be plenty for most people. Especially given all of the ways you can store stuff in the cloud to free up space if you need it. But instead of paying $700, you can pick up the phone for $500. This is a limited-time deal over at Amazon so it won’t be sticking around for too long.

And if you’ve been looking for a good reason to upgrade phones, this is as good of a reason as it gets. In my review, I said the Pixel 8 was the Android phone you deserve. And that stands true. It has an excellent camera as Pixel phones always do. It’s pretty stylish, and it is jam-packed with so many smart features that it’s hard to use anything else after experiencing how good they are.

A lot of this is due to the AI software Google is using in the Pixel 8. For example, it has a handful of AI-powered camera features. Such as the Magic Eraser that can remove objects from your photos, and an AI sky filter that can help improve the look of your surroundings. Say you took a photo on a cloudy day and you want it to look more sunny. The camera can do that. Even better is the Pixel 8’s 7 years of Android OS updates. So long as you’re able to keep the phone in good condition, it’ll have the latest features for a long time. And that alone is enough of a reason to buy this device.

But it still gets even better. Another really awesome feature of the Pixel 8 is its ability to screen incoming calls using Google Assistant. This is great because it wards off spam callers pretty quickly. Trust me when I say you want this phone. Especially at this price.

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